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Selling Parts/mods And Looking For Parts/mods

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mag prime bp, chassis, helmet, frost prime chassis, helmet, boar prime reciever, ember prime helmet, akbronco prime bp, 

boar prime reciever, braton prime stock, darka prime handle, fang prime blade, latron prime bp, reciever, stock, barrel, mitter bp (assuming i can trade it), mitter handle (again assuming i can trade it), paris prime lower and upper limbs, reaper prime bp, reaper blade, reaper handle, vauban bp (assuming i can trade it)



barrel diffusion, continuity, hollow point, hell's chamber, heavy calibure, intensify, master theif, sanctuary, spoiled strike, streamline,  power throw, stunning speed, thunderbolt, vital sense, accelerant, cleanse infested, cleanse grinner, expel corpus, expel grinner, expel infested, fever strike, hornet strike, infected clip, maglev, point blank, reaping spiral, serration, smite grinner, stretch, sundering weave, pressure point, quick return, reach, second wind, steel fiber (frame and sentinal ones), 



burning wasp, fracturing wind, reaping spiral, sundering weave, swirling tiger




ember prime systems, boltor prime bp, boltor prime barrel, darka prime blade


blind rage, narrow minded, brutal tide, grim fury


pm me or post on here with offers/trade offers

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