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Building Melee - Jagged Edge, Heavy Trauma And Sundering Strike


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I have been lucky enough to obtain all these mods just while playing, however I'm not sure on how good they really are, in particular, Jagged Edge. Of the three, it seems like Jagged Edge would be the most useful as most weapons (At least the ones that I use) main damage type is slash. However, seeing as Slash damage is weak against Robotic as well both Grineer armor types, is it really worth putting Jagged Edge on in place of another elemental? Heavy Trauma seems okay, as it only loses 25% against flesh. Puncture loses the same damage as Slash except against shields, but seeing as few melee weapons use puncture it doesn't seem like as much of an issue. I just sold my only Hammershot today, after seeing just how overrated it is (Status chance is nice but it seems like a waste since no crit weapon has enough space to mod for status chance when going for top dmg, and using Hammershot on a non-crit weapon seems dumb), is Jagged Edge the same?


Thanks for any and all responses

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High slash -> put Jagged Edge on.


If you are using Slash damage against something that is resistant to Slash, you're losing lots of its power. Putting Jagged Edge on helps it (it's 90% after all) more, than putting Heavy Trauma, for example.


90% calculates better from 50 (slash) than from 8 (impact).

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I understand that, I wouldn't put Jagged Edge on anything without high slash, and vice versa with the other damage types.



Dakra Prime - Jagged Edge

Fang Prime - Sundering Strike

Ankyros Prime - Heavy Trauma


What I'm asking is if Jagged Edge is better than an Elemental that does 90%, say Molten Impact or Fever strike. If they aren't losing damage, surely those are a better option.

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Exactly the same as using an elemental mod, except a little more math.


If you do 100 damage as...

10 impact

10 puncture

80 slash,


Then +90 slash is only going to give you +72 slash damage. This is the equivalent of a +72% damage mod to start with. +90% would be better at this stage, +72% is better than +60% from a secondary mod. The more 'pure' the original damage the closer it is to full 90%. Resists matter, of course.



Overall, I would use them in three cases


1) First and foremost these mods don't put wiggly effects all over your weapon. 

I frequently use all of them, as well as Rending Strike, because I don't always need more damage but I don't always want my weapon to look like a rave girl's prop either.


2) Avoiding having to make elemental combos.

If you have one more spot left on your weapon, but you don't want to put your remaining elemnts there because you're using a combo+single. Like if you had Magnetic + Toxic and wanted to avoid making Gas by putting fire on it, but still wanted to use that slot for damage.


3) Robots

Robotic is one of the more difficult things to build against, because they pretty much always have shields but Electric/Cold are used in anti-shield magnetic damage, Electric has no bonus to shields on it's own, and radiation has a negative vs shields. An impact / electric weapon is uniquely nasty, and as stated in #2 you will need to avoid creating a combo with electric one way or another.

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