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Simplify Drop Tables. We Don't Need 150+ Different Drop Tables.


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Here's the drop tables you need:


Common enemies (Lancers, Butchers, Crewmen, MOAs, chargers, Runners, etc.):

Drop mods like redirection, vitality, serration, etc. Basic mods that are essential for new players. Most of the basic common mods are here, with some uncommon mods for rare/high-level drops.


Special enemies (Powerfists, seekers, Elite Lancers/troopers, Shockwave Moa, Railgun Moa, Ancient Healers, Crawlers, etc.):

Drop more specialized mods, such as the one-type damage mods, Fast Deflection, elemental mods. Mostly Uncommon mods, but with some common and some rare mods.


Heavy enemies (Bombards, Heavy Gunners, Naplams, Corpus Techs, Anti-MOA, Fusion MOA, Disruptors, Toxics, etc.):

Drop special and rare mods, such as multishot mods, crit mods, Rage, Streamline, etc. Most of the (regular) rare mods are here, but there are also a fair number of uncommons as well.


Leaders/Eximus enemies:

One table to correspond to each of the above tables (common Eximus, Special Eximu, Heavy Eximus). Each table would bridge the gap between one table and the next, sharing the high end of one, and the low end of the other. Heavy Eximus would have a small chance to drop mods from the boss-mod pool (any mod dropped by any boss is part of this pool).



Each would probably have a unique drop table, but no mod should be dropped only by a boss unless it has a fairly high drop rate. 


Maybe reserve a drop table or two for Orokin enemies so they're not dropping redirection and vitality in T3.


Even if you split it into each faction, including Orokin, it's 24 mook drop tables, plus one for each boss. As opposed to the current 150+ drop tables we have that make obtaining certain things incredibly frustrating. Quality of drops depends on enemy level? We'll put this very rare mod on two enemies (each only found on one planet) that never appears with high levels.




Or, of course, you could just put all the standard mods in one table that all regular enemies draw from, and are simply restricted by their level, with a modifier that gives rarer or more powerful enemies better possible drops. That'd make things easy.

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I would prefer we return to drop tables-per-faction system. So when I need that Glaive stance, I would be farming Corpus in general, not that one place where two Leecher per mission spawn. 


Or... Drop tables per system. Early planets - common, essential mods; high lvl planets and Void - rare stuff.

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No, then people would just exploit apollodorus with its many bombards and napalms for the high chance of rare mods. 

Except they will all be low-level, meaning they will drop mostly uncommons, with only the occasional rare.


I far prefer each enemy to have their own unique tables (and drop rates) than having 10+ different enemies only dropping the same trash common mods. Variety is the spice of life, friend.

As opposed to now, where 10+ different enemies all just drop different trash common mods? To be honest, I'm looking back, and having one table for all of the enemies (or, as others have suggested, one for each faction or system) would be better than my original suggestion. Just limit the range of drops available by the enemy's type and level, so any enemy can drop any normal mod (in their faction/system's table), but higher level enemies and stronger enemies have better chances of dropping better mods, and have a higher quality of mods available as drops.

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