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Dex Furis: Two Mods Slots To Fill...



The build so far:

Hornet strike, Lethal torrent, Barrel diffusion, Pistol ammo mutation, No return, Seeker (on - polarity).


I need to use some formas to fill the remaining two slots, what do you suggest (i'm aiming more thorward the "crowd control", that's why of the Seeker mod) ?

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For me, I have a burst fire-shotgun thing for this gun. Hornet Strike, Lethal Torrent, Barrel Diffuse, Pistol Ammo Mut, Trick Mag, Gunslinger. Everything is maxed except Hornet Strike cuz I'm poor. You SHRED ammo so $!$@! fast, but burst fire means you have a shotgun. More fun than effective


Edit: Fire Rate = 46.4

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Take out No Return and polarize 3 "V" polarities for the holy trinity: Hornet, Barrel, Torrent.

Then you have enough space for 2 elemental mods. Radiation, Magnetic and Corrosive.


That's the "minimum" amount of Forma for the Dex Furis. If you are willing to polarize it one more time, you could polarize a "-" polarity for one of your elemental mods and then you will have enough space for an Expel mod.


4 Forma: http://goo.gl/NzG59R

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Trash No Return and Seeker.

Install Convulsions, Pathogen Rounds (corrosive damage), Ice Storm and Quick Draw. This is general build for everything except Corpus. Use pure magnetic damage against them.

trash quick draw and put in seeker

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