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Thecomet's List Of Leader Ability Suggestions


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Starting to get tired of seeing just 4 different leader types, so here's a buncha ideas I've had kicking around for new modifiers for them.


-Shadows: Creates shadow clones of themself.

Basically the original Vay Hek's gimmick, keep making weak clones of themself until they get taken out.


-Poison Cloud: Throws Poison Grenades.

The leader "throws" a Torid shot towards the player, only sticking to terrain though.


-Trapper: Deploys Arc Traps.


-Well Equipped: Carries Tenno weaponry.

Pretty much any of the firearm weapons the tenno carry, such as the boar or soma.


-Lightweight: Moves quickly.


-Propaganda: Deploys Regulators.


-Swordsman: Carries a Cronus, fights in melee.


-Dampening Field: Abilities are deflected away, immune to CC abilities.


-Heavy Armor: Wears an added layer of armor.

Basically Iron Skin on a leader.


-Flux Generator: Slowly depletes shields and prevents recharging when nearby.


-Last Resort: Explodes on death.

Have them pull out a grenade and hold it for a moment before exploding to telegraph this a little.


-Akimbo: Dual wields.

This would have to apply only to that faction's weapon set, so mostly vipers and cestras on this one.


-Smoke Grenade: Deploys Smoke Screens.

Uses Smoke Screen in the same manner as Nef Anyo


-Inspiring: Buffs nearby allies.

Works just like a regulator.


-Slug Ammo: Only inflicts Impact.

Basically a high chance impact proc to dull down player weapon performance until they are taken out.

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