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Why Can't I Take The Test!?!?



Hello, I am rather new to the game. For a few days in a row now, I go to take the test to level up ranks and it says something along the lines of, "you qualify for your next rank. If you fail the test you we need to retake the test, are you ready?" I click yes and nothing happens? The other day i waited and waited and finally tried restartign the game and then it just said i have to wait 24 hours before taking the test again! Just tried again today and it yet again is doing nothing!? Can anyone fill me in on whats going on here? Thanks!

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You guys need to uninstall, delete all local files, and re-download the client. The fact that it happens across multiple days and play sessions makes it sound like you have some bad files somewhere that the great majority of other players don't have problems with. I would try this before anything else. Support will likely ask you to do the same before trying to manually alter anything. If they try to help you at all.

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