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Win 1000 Platinum! Tenn Os Clan Emblem Design Contest! [Deadline 5/19/2014]


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Tenn Os are looking for a new clan emblem. We saw how successful EGT was in their competition to find a new emblem and we thought that we would give it a try as well. Our prize pool is smaller though (1,000 Platinum).


The Tenn Os are a ghost clan that prides itself on end-game achievements and holds the record for the highest survival time and defense wave ever completed. We would like an emblem that symbolizes this “elite” presence. The only other request we have is that we would like our clan name to be somewhere on the logo: “Tenn Os”. Otherwise we’re open to anything someone can come up with. We’re very optimistic about this because we know that there are some great artists on fan art forum.


The contestants have until the 19th of May 2014 to submit their entries following the guidelines that are written below. Please do not post more than 3 entries.


The rules for the contest are as follows:


-The submissions must not violate any copyright laws or rules for creating a clan logo
-submissions must be posted in a 128x128 png form
-The winner must have a PC account on Warframe, to open trade with for the prize as well as enough credits to make the trade (500,000)
-The prize will be paid after the emblem has been uploaded and accepted by the Warframe administrators
-By accepting the platinum prize, the creator will convey all right held on his artwork (copyright) to the Tenn Os. An informal agreement will be made with the winning contestant.
-Submissions are to be posted as a reply to this thread

-This reward can only be given to PC players (I apologize to the PS4 artists, but we do not have a way of trading you platinum at this current time).


 We look forward to seeing your submissions. Thank you.




This contest is now officially over - Congratulations to Yuicne on his winning submission!

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Soo... yeah... My submission...


Please tell me if you like it.

I added things like alpha variant in logo and letters.
I left this badge colorless, so it fits to every frame with individual color style.

For example a pink badge on a stalker-themed frame doesn't look that well, right?

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128 x 128




Here's my interpretation. If you need for the colors or text to change let me know. I was sort of loose on the shield design and went with something more flowy like Tenno script (like on the Lotus design). Also wanted to highlight the fact you're survival and defense record holders. What time did you get to?

Edit: Cleaned up text, and added larger view.

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Aside from the free Photoshop fronts and Corpus logo, everything else is drawn.

4700 x 4700




128 x 128 png




That... Looks GORGEOUS. 


I'll try to participate, too. I have an idea in mind, but S#&$ty photoshop skills may hinder me a while. 

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**Updated OP with a new font idea that we like. As said in the post, we are still open to any and all things including a different font (if it looks cool, we will still enjoy it). Thanks for the uploads so far guys, some of these look AMAZING!

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