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Ultimate Space Alliance


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We are the Ultimate Space Alliance!


We shall fight for honor, for glory, and for freedom!


All rails of all planets should be free for everyone!


No taxation! No tribute to the greedy milk infeseting tenno souls!


0%/0%... Twin zeroes, like eyes, watching the sol system! Let us spread them as far as possible!


Join us, and assure that the rails become free, and stay free!

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For reference, our goal is simple: It takes only 75,000 missions to destroy a rail. That sounds like a lot, until you realize that means that an organized alliance can literally destroy a rail, ending the conflict over it, in about an hour. That is our goal: To keep destroying rails, as best is possible, unless their owners both offer and honor a 0% tax rate.


This will not make us rich, but it will make us powerful. We shall earn glory, honor, and freedom for all.


Let the enemies of freedom fear our blades. Join us to strike down those who'd oppress us with their unfair taxation!

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