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Clan Dojo Or Clan Labyrinth?





if i go into the clan dojo and press M, i see a large area with many rooms and ONLY the elevators are marked on the map. From all other rooms i can only see the outline. And if you jump into an elevator you end up somewhere else with the same thing. A large map where only the elevators are marked.

Because i saw that the normal nikana can alaso be bought in the clan dojo SOMEWHERE.
I ran around for over 20 minutes, found a trading post, the lab where i could buy the djinn sentinel and some weapons and the lab where you can buy the helios and some weapons and some third lab. But nowhere i could see the nikana or even a locked nikana where we have to contribute resources to research it.

How are we supposed to find it in this massive maze ? nothing at all to give directions, telling you where to go or even on which floor you have to be.

So i only saw one solution -> farm credits -> farm more credits -> farm even more credits

Then do one massive dojo run, where you visit every single room and you buy every blueprint you do not have yet once.


but can someone maybe give me a picture of what the room outline looks like from the room where you can buy the nikana ? So i can hopefully maybe find it today if i press M again in the dojo

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