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Guns Vs Melee


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Guns are still too strong compared to melee.


or rather, Melee is still too weak.


Melee needs to do alot more damage, to make up for the time spent running towards the target, and as a tradeoff for the damage you take in the middle of the room waving a weapon about.


if your not willing to outright double all melee damage, which would be my personal choice, perhaps make them more Viable for tougher targets, and make melee multipliers add significantly more damage as combo points increase.


its very hard to consider pulling out a prova and spending 5 energy bashing something for 1000, when the player next to you is Drilling the room with 4000 damage bolts 8 times a second, while in cover from across the map.



often I try and play a "melee only" but after a while pull out a gun, and notice how much more damage I can do, and how much easier it is.




in a 40m+ t3 void survival, Nothing is making me even think about putting away my Akbronco Primes to start hacking at 3 high level commandos with my Dragon Nakana.


and you have to ask players not to use ranged weapons on the galaxy map if you expect to reach melee before everything dies.



Reward the effort of reaching melee, taking the beating out of cover... with damage output, or combo's leading to damage.


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The game is a work in progress. Right now you're comparing blatantly OP ranged weapons to recently balance melee. Obviously U13 is still fresh and needs tweaking probably, but overall I'd expect it's closer to balanced than guns are so I would say nerf guns so they don't vaporize everything and nerf ammo drops so people can't just stack damage and let the bullet fairy take care of their sustain.


 I think it's silly that I can take Boltor Prime into any mission with the wrong build and pwn everything anyway, and I don't consider that 'balanced'. If harder areas/enemies came out and made it actually feel balanced, that would mean the rest of the entire game was under powered again. Power creep.

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Personally, I think melee is at about the right power level while guns remain overpowered. It makes them feel boring honestly. What's the point of all that variety when things die instantly when you click on them with pretty much every well modded gun?

Reducing the damage potential of guns to be lower than melee is what needs to happen in order to make the risk/reward of melee worth it late game.

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Honestly, melee as it is now with Melee 2.0, is about as potent relative to other weapons as I could ever find desirable, and I melee a lot.


Melee is still, and should forever remain, less viable than primaries or secondaries for long range combat. This is not a problem.


Melee's damage is still quite good, especially considering the number of opponents you can strike at once, and the fact that you can melee forever without regard for things like managing your ammo consumption.


Also, if you put as much care into your melee selection and moding as someone does with their primaries or secondaries, your damage should not be all that far off; it just takes a little more work to put into practice.

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I agree melee is too weak still.

I saw that combos do a lot of damage(more than what you would do by just hiting with the melee), but still the op is right. I now use my melee just for coptering and draining life.


I have some sugestions to improve melee: Make parying like in Star Wars: Jedi Academy, meaning that the base parrying has to be a stamina consuming default idle function while the melee is in hand.


Of course, the parrying would have some limitations:

- only bullet damage would be blocked 100%

- shotgun pellet and ray damage would only be blocked 50%


The parry button would be mandatory to block heavy blows like the ancient's and shield lancer's knockdown, knockdown waves like heavy grineer's or moa's and also void lasers. The void laser traps would eat around 30 stamina per second if parried while the other ones only 15 stamina per hit.


More, make melee weapons ignore armor while channeling. (this would make melee a viable competitor to shooting)


I want to see that "Easy to learn, hard to master", meaning that If you master your melee you wouldn't need guns.


That being said:


I have something in mind about the option to equip nothing in one slot.


Let's say that every weapon (maybe frame, too) would have 2 extra closed mod slots.You can put mods in them, but they wouldn't do anything.




If you chose not to equip a weapon, the first extra slot is automatically activated and that mod would be functional. The same goes for the other extra slot if two weapon slots are empty.

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It could just be because I don't all my stance mods or Life Steal yet, but I feel as though the need for both energy and stamina is pretty demanding seeing as it requires you to build your frame for both energy efficiency and stamina to make the most of melee. As someone who hates who remove abilities from frames this is really tedious.


Then there's still the damage issue to worry about. I mean it's great that blocking is much more effective now, but once you actually do close the distance between yourself and the enemy, you still have to leave yourself vulnerable to swing your sword, and nearby Lancers can pump a ton of damage into you during the time it takes to strike an enemy even once. Plus blocking isn't very fluent and you can't block again if your character is in the middle of an attack animation, which makes enemies like Ancients with their constant staggering and knockdowns a pain if there's three or more.


Again maybe I'm not doing this right or I still need some more stance mods to get the most out of it, and I do like how there is some actual skill involved in meleeing now, but it still feels a bit clumsy to me, and I'm on the fence as to whether or not the need to drain energy and stamina just to make use of the majority of melee mods is worth it.


(Perhaps it is just the gap between gunplay and swordplay that makes melee feel underwhelming and it is in fact really balanced, I'll have to mess around with some more maxed out swords).

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