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Wtt Rare Mods For Glaive Stance (Gleaming Talon) Or Best Offer.

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Here's a list of the Rare mods I'm trading. All of them are unranked and the number to the right of them is how many I have.




-Natural Talent x2

-Quick Thinking x2

-Shock Absorbers x2

-Undying Will



-Accelerated Blast x2

-Firestorm x2

-Metal Auger x2



-Stabilizer x7

-Vital Sense x4



-Barrel Diffusion

-Steady Hands x4



-Energy Channel

-Jagged Edge

-Power Throw x2

-Quickining x2


-Sundering Strike x3



-Bleeding Willow (Polearms)

-Burning Wasp (Whips)

-Fracturing Wind (Sparring) x4

-Gnashing Payara (Dual Daggers)

-Reaping Spiral (Scythes) x3

-Seismic Palm (Sparring) x2

-Sundering Weave (Machetes) x2



-Fired Up x3


Please contact me through Warframe, the Warframe Forums, or on Steam (stevendaman12) if you are looking to trade

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