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Warframe Alt Helmets Feedback


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A few things that have been bugging me about the alt helms.



When your searching for an alt helmet in the market for a specific warframe its confusing since they are all labeled by the helmet name. They should be all labeled with the warframe name first so you can easily find the helm for the warframe you have.


Example: Pulse Volt Helmet -- change to --> Volt Pulse Helmet




Two areas have a description of the alt helmet, the market and the foundry. The descriptions in the foundry are not always as detailed as the descriptions in the market. You can see how this can be a problem when deciding what to make.


Example: Pulse Volt Helmet

market description - Adds Power Duration, with a reduction to Shields

foundry description - Adds Power Duration


I was also would like to point out equipping your alt helmet in the Arsenal there is no description at all and selecting an alt helmet you don't have just goes directly in to purchasing it rather than show a description first like in the market. This is a problem when deciding whether or not you want to purchase the helmet.

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