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I stumbled across a thread in the General section where someone missed out on the protoarmor becaue he couldn't log in.  This got me thinking.  I just started a new position and have been out of town quite a bit ... At least a week or two each month.  I'm a PS4 user, and I don't generally bring it with me when I go.  Even when I do bring it, it normally won't connect the the ever-crappy hotel internet connection.  In other words, there's major potential for me to miss out on something like this.


So, my reccomendation is to put things like these limited items available for purchase on the website as well as in the in-game store.  That way I don't have to tell my boss that I can't go to training, or my wife that I can't go on vacation, for fear that I might miss out on warframe stuff.  Is there a reason they aren't?

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