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Wts Nightmare Mods, Ammo Mutation Mods, R5 Cores, And Prime Parts

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I have the following mods and parts for sale. I'm not looking for a specific price for any particular item, so just tell me your offer, and if it's good I'll accept it. If I don't like it, I'm happy to haggle. :P


All mods are unranked unless stated otherwise.


Nightmare Mods:

Constitution (2 for sale)

Accelerated Blast

Shred (2 for sale)

Ice Storm (2 for sale)

Focus Energy (2 for sale)


Ammo Mutations:

Arrow Mutation (2 for sale)

Rifle Ammo Mutation

Shotgun Ammo Mutation

Sniper Ammo Mutation

Sniper Ammo Mutation - rank 1

Pistol Ammo Mutation


Rare Mods:



Streamline (3 for sale)

Metal Auger

Heavy Trauma (5 for sale)


Uncommon Mods:

Rifle Amp - maxed

Charged Chamber

Heavy Impact (2 for sale)

Serration (2 for sale)


Stance Mods:

Burning Wasp

Reaping Spiral (2 for sale)


Fusion Cores:

Rare 5 (10 for sale)

Rare 3 (11 for sale)


Prime Parts:

Rhino Prime Systems

Boar Prime Barrel

Dakra Prime Handle

Glaive Prime Disc

Orthos Prime BP

Latron Prime Receiver

Paris Prime String

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