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Wts Prime Parts & Mods

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Hi there, I'll try to update prices and the merchandise as often as I can,

the displayed prices are slightly negotiable and I could give a discount in case you buy more things together



Prime parts available:



ankyros prime bp (5pl) x3
boar prime stock (10pl) x1
boltor prime barrel (15pl) x2
boltor prime stock (10pl) x2
braton prime BP (10pl) x5
braton prime stock (10pl) x2
bronco prime BP (5pl) x4
bronco prime barrel (5pl) x9
burston prime barrel (20pl) x1
burston prime stock (10pl) x1
dakra prime BP (10pl) x1
dakra prime handle (10pl) x3
fang prime blade (10pl) x1
latron prime BP (5pl) x2
latron prime receiver (5pl) x1
latron prime stock (10pl) x1
orthos prime handle (10pl) x5
paris prime BP (5pl) x4
paris prime string (10pl) x1
paris prime grip (10pl) x1
sicarus prime bp (5pl) x1
sicarus prime barrel (10pl) x2



ember prime BP (5pl) x2

frost prime BP (5pl) x1

mag prime BP (5pl) x6
mag prime chassis (5pl) x5
mag prime helmet (10pl) x2
mag prime system (10pl) x3



Mods available


blind Rage (25pl) x1
continuity (10pl) x2
enemy Sense (10pl) x2
flow (10pl) x4
handspring (15pl) x1
intensify (10pl) x0
master Thief (10pl) x1
over Extended (25pl) x1
quick Thinking (25pl) x2
Rage (25pl) x1
Retribution (10pl) x1
streamline (10pl) x1
stretch (5pl) x6

energy syphon (15pl) x2
rejuvenation (10pl) x2
speed holster (5pl) x2
steel charge (10pl) x1

firestorm (25pl) x1
Hammer Shot (25pl) x1
Rifle Ammo Mutation (10pl) x2
shred (10pl) x2
Thunderbolt (5pl) x4
Vile Precision (5pl) x1
Vital Sense (5pl) x1
wildfire (5pl) x2
Charged Chamber (5pl) x5
Split Chamber (20pl) x1

accelerated Blast (5pl) x3
blaze (20pl) x1
Hell's Chamber (15pl) x1
Ravage (5pl) x3
Seeking Force (20pl) x2
Shotgun Ammo Mutation (5pl) x3
tainted Shell (5pl) x2

Ice Storm (5pl) x2
Pistol Ammo Mutation (10pl) x2
Seeker (15pl) x1

Berserker (30pl) x3
Focus Energy (5pl) x2
Heavy Trauma (20pl) x1
Power Throw (5pl) x6
rending strike (25pl) x1
Spoiled Strike (15pl) x1
Sundering Strike (5pl) x3

Burning Wasp (15pl) x3
Fracturing Wind (10pl) x4
Reaping Spiral (15pl) x2
Sundering Weave (5pl) x7


Sanctuary (20pl) x1
Fired Up (10pl) x1

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