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Clan Warcom [New] Looking For Members


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Hi all,


Me and my friend just started our own clan and we're currently looking for members of any experience level! We left our old clan because the clan never did anything fun... ever. So really the only use it was serving us with was the labs. That's it.


Our goal with this clan is to create a community where you can actually participate in fun activities with the other clan members and get rewards, help, etc. Also to make a Dojo that is just fun to goof around in :)




Our plans:


-Weekly PVP (Dueling/Conclave) tournaments with BP, key, mod or small Platinum rewards

-Weekly Parkour (Obstacle Course) competitions, also with BP, key, mod or Plat rewards.

-Key mission sprees

-All labs at least built




What we have so far:


-Dueling room(s)

   -1 built, 1 being worked on

-Obstacle Course

-Trading Post

-^All in a very organized and growing Dojo

-A pretty sweet clan emblem awaiting to arrive with the next Update/Hotfix





-None really. All ranks are welcome! Nor will we require you to have a certain activity level.





I'm on PST. tournaments and key sprees will probably be held on Fri/Sats.


If we get enough members we can begin doing this fun stuff and really make it worth the while to participate! It's unlikely we'll ever turn into a mega clan with tons of members but right now we're very small yet active and just want to make this the funnest clan we can!


If your interested in joining Warcom then drop a reply or send me a PM with your IGN and I'll invite you!





soopursam | Warlord


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