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Up Till Now. What Is Now Your Favorite Stance?


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Ok so time has gone by, and I got the tranquil cleave. Got to collect tons of other stances as well, and I now am able to say which stance is my favorite. Even though I haven't obtained all of them I have a good idea of what I like. Rather disappointing Tranquil Cleave just wasn't my how should I say... taste?


I have had some time to play around, and I love shimmering blight on Orthos prime feels great, but not stylish.


Then I get to Iron Phoenix, and place it on Pangolin. Color it just right, and slap it on Ash. By the Lotus it is AMAZING. Just teleporting behind enemies, and tearing them up. Running into crowds, and doing a series of explosive combos. Just tearing though enemies with beautiful ease. I mean the Gleaming talon is fun, and all (don't get me wrong I love glaive, and glad DE went so far as to finally add the exploding element trick). Just let me say. The stance system as a whole is beautiful, and amazing! A lot of good stances, a few that bother me.


But I am just stuck on the iron phoenix one. Once I finish leveling all my other melee weapons up. I think I will return to pangolin and work with it alittle more. It turned out wonderful in the end.


So what is your favorite stance now at this point in time?

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My favorite is probably Swirling Tiger.  It feels great to zip around and just destroy everything.  I liked my ichors before, but with this stance?  I don't want to use any of the other melee weapons.  I had to remove Berserker since it made the attack speed so fast that all the clicking made my hand start to hurt.  O.O


Tranquil Cleave is a fun too, but I need more practice before I can use all of the combos effectively.

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I really like Iron Phoenix just because it flows really well and whether you're focusing down one target or swathing through crowds it works out well.


Crimson Dervish feels weird because it just doesn't seem fluid enough, even though it has fancier more dance-like animations than the Iron Phoenix.


Tranquil Cleave is alright, but I've never really used my Nikana without Berserker + True Steel so idk if Tranquil Cleave becomes unwieldy for those without Berserker.


Gleaming Talon has an epic combo but it honestly doesn't feel very versatile, the combo takes a while and you can't transition easily with it from one enemy to another when you kill the first enemy before your combo is over, so the only place where i can see the Gleaming Talon combo shine is taking down one really tough enemy like a high levelled Heavy Gunner or something. Other than that I mostly prefer to just throw my glaive while my gun is out.


So all in all, I'd say Iron Phoenix is my favorite.

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Shimmering blight for Orthos Prime. Before melee 2.0 Orthos P. combo will force us to walking pace on the third swing, now i can keep swinging it non-stop while equipping the primary/secondary weapon.


The one i dislike is Gnashing Payara, i prefer my fang prime to stab enemies to death rather than doing fancy move i don't need.


And the stance that is useless to me is Gleaming Talon, because i prefer to throw it than doing combo with it.

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Big thing about Iron Pheonix and Swirling Tiger is that they can proc slam attacks, with Iron Pheonix, the Heat sword create huge explosions. For swirling tiger it is practically a flaming whirlwind.


It is beautiful to watch :D

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Clashing Forest.


Nothing like going spin to win with a bo or amphis.

and the kicks... don't forget the pole kicks.



Personal favorite at the moment is Swirling Tiger. The flurries are promisingly epic, especially for my Crit+Blast Ichors. And that big bang at the end gives you an opening to stab the knocked down enemy... which deals so much damage than stealth or parry attacks.


It's one of the best crowd controlling stance vs. Infested. the range lacks but that's just the weapon.

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Swirling Tiger with fury and berserker- its like a blender of death!!!


Clashing Forest with amphis - Swing that pole and watch the enemy ricochet!!! 


Tranquil Cleave with fury and berserker - I sheath my sword really slow but I draw it hella fast and slice 3-5 times per second at full berserker, I always lol every time I cleave a dead target 3 more times and after my sword gets sheathed the body falls to the ground and it feels really satisfying. For me it's like the soma of melee. 

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