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No More Justice {Fan Fiction}


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Chapter 1- Too Late

* * *

Tenno. This is a standard sabotage mission. Get to the core, destroy it, and leave none alive. You have three other Tenno with you. Get the mission done with no casualties.”

The Tenno opened his eyes and looked beside him.

“I'm Seriff.” He stated.

Three other Tenno looked up at the sound of this message, and all responded.

“Merit.” The closest one said with a deep voice.

The next was a female voice, “Jam Ar.”

“I'm Cronto.”

* * *

With the final name being stated, the four Tenno broke through the vent and landed on the floor below. Seriff instantly began analyzing the area. He looked around, red marks lined the walls. The rooms had pipes flowing through them in a messy fashion. One big window sat at the end, showing a view of space, and seeing a Grineer base stationed on a nearby planetoid. He looked to the others and signaled them all to move forward. They all began walking towards the wide door which opened wide as the Tenno drew close.

I'm scanning the base Tenno...” the Lotus' voice came over their built in communicators, “The core is still in operations but I'm detecting no living Grineer... Keep your eyes open, but destroy that core.” The Lotus ended the transmission. The four Tenno looked to each other and moved on. The next room they came to showed a horrifying site.

* * *

Blood was spattered across the walls. The bodies of Grinner Butchers and Lancers lay scattered across the floor, lifeless and mutilated.

“What the hell...” Cronto looked on in disbelief. He felt a shiver go up his spine, and the cold mist from his shoulders held in the air a while longer than usual. “The air temperature is lower than usual. I'll look through one of these control panels and look to see if the cryogenics system has malfunctioned.”

“Lotus, there's nothing alive in here. We have dead Grineer all over the place. Are you sure another team hasn't been here already?” Jam Ar ended her message and waited for a response.

No Tenno, you're the first ones here. Quickly move to the core, destroy it, and get out of there.”

As the other three moved into the next room, Cronto stayed on the control panel.

The next room showed more of the same site. Body pieces lying all over and a few decapitated bodies lay on the ground with their heads pinned to nearby walls. As the three Tenno walked through the room, they came across multiple storage containers and opened them. All of them full with various resources and currency.

“Lotus. Requesting permission to abort mission. There is something strange going on for sure here. This is not something usual.” Seriff spoke into his transmitter with urgency in his voice.

Request denied. Tenno the core is in the center of the facility. This is obviously a random act of Grineer insanity. The attacker has likely left the facility.”

“Could this be the result of the Grustrag Three?” Merit spoke through.

No, they've been dealt with by another group of Tenno. Their faces will never be seen again.”

Cronto's voice broke through next, “I've heard stories... Of Tenno just “disappearing”. Whole squads just going off the map. Lotus, what do you know about that?”

There was a long pause between the transmissions and eventually the Lotus came through.

I too have heard the stories Tenno. I am sorry to say that I know nothing about these disappearances. I'm going to stay on the lines with you, and you'll get through this. Just get to the core and... Wait... Tenno...”

“What is it Lotus? What do you see?” Merit responded quickly.

“Screw the cryogenics; I'm coming to you guys! Let me just log off the sys-”

The line went dead, and the lights flickered. Fear instantly took over the three Tenno still together. Seriff looked at Merit, and noticed him flex his arms to the side. He was instantly covered in a hard, crystalline material. They all drew their weapons, and began walking towards the last room they saw Cronto in. The lights flickered again, and a voice came over the air. Only this wasn't a voice they had ever heard before.


* * *

The dark voice was gone. The very decibels sent terror through their minds. They moved to the next room, searching every meter of the room. Everywhere they looked, they found nothing but dead Grineer. No sign of Cronto.

“Lotus, we're not seeing any sign of Cronto. Do you have a read on his warframe?” Seriff looked over to Jam Ar, who was wandering around the room.

Yes. Stand by...”

A few moments passed and Jam Ar lowered her weapon and looked to the terminal that Cronto was working on. She looked to it with a confused look. The screen had a custom message inserted into it.

“Up.” She spoke softly.

She then slowly began to drift her head slowly upward. She let out a yell so loud, it shook the room. The other two instantly ran to her side and looked to where she was now staring, in disbelief.

* * *

The lifeless body of Cronto was attached to the roof by small throwing knives going through his arms, legs and head. Cold mist no longer came from his shoulders, signifying his heart no longer beat. They all looked to each other and instantly Merit got on the air.

“Lotus I don't know what the hell is going on here or who is on this ship with us but Cronto is dead! We need to get out of here!”

Tenno I apologize! I'm getting a strange reading. This isn't anything like the Grustrag Three or even the Harvester. This is something I've never encountered. Get out of there! There's likely a reason no Tenno have ever came to us with information on this enemy.”

“You don't have to tell us twice. We're heading out now.” Merit began running towards the exit. His large, heavy frame made him slow though.

“I'm not leaving Cronto behind!” Jam Ar interjected. Her message stopped Merit in his tracks.

“You didn't even know him! You don't know any of us! Now I'm getting out of here with or without you!”

“He's right Jam Ar.” Seriff stated. “This is something bigger than us. We need to leave.”

Again the lights flickered.

“The blood of the innocent rests on your hands... Soon, justice will be served; your payment will be your life, my victory, will be your blood...”

The three Tenno looked to each other and instantly began running towards the exit. Their escape marked on their heads up display. They ran through four more rooms, all filled with dead Grineer. The lights flickered, and the Tenno braced for another horrifying message from the dark voice, but they were relieved with the voice that came through, but the message was grim.

* * *

Tenno. I can help you no further. My scans are down, but I'm detecting the door before the extraction pods is locked, as well as all the terminals. Tenno, I have no help to offer you. My wishes go to you. I fear this is the last time I will speak to you all. Good luck, Lotus out.”

Merit began to panic. “No. No, no, no, no! Lotus dammit! You get here and help us get out of here! I refuse to die on this Grineer ship! Whatever you are, I can take you! I can kill you! Show yourself!”

The lights began to flicker violently, and the horrifying voice came through once again.

“Did you really think your actions would not have... Consequences... Did you really think you would be able to kill with no price to pay? You will suffer the same price as these Grineer murderers...”

A dark mist rose from the floor and began swirling through the room. The lights continued to flicker, and the trio brought up their weapons and began firing into the mist, with no effect. Two more mists rose from the floor, and they all met at a center point in the room.

“Your punishment... Is... Death.”

* * *

A dark figure appeared in the center of the smoke. Kneeling. The three slowly walked towards the figure. Each of their large guns was less than a meter from the beings face, fingers on the triggers. The being moved with a swiftness never seen. It turned around so quickly, and moved its foot into Merit's face. It met with the hard crystalline material. Merit moved none. The figure lowered it's foot and stood for a moment. Merit began to laugh.

“You think you can break through this skin? I'm going to enjoy tearing you apart.”

“Your Tenno powers have no effect on me...”

With those words the armor that covered Merit began to fall to the floor, and he looked to the being, stunned, paralyzed with fear. In one swift move, the being sent a massive scythe across Merit's neck. His severed head fell to the floor. Jam Ar looked to Seriff, and the two took off. Their heads up display showed they were only two rooms away from the extraction pods. They ran through the final rooms and sure enough the final door was locked, and the terminals failed to open them.

“We have to get through this door Jam Ar! We have to break it down!”

“I don't think either of us can break it down...” She looked to Seriff. “Cover your ears.”

* * *

Seriff looked to her, and then turned off his helmet to outside noise. Jam Ar took a deep breath, sent her arms hard into the ground, shifting the metal around her hands, and she let out the loudest sonic waves ever encountered. While doing this, Seriff saw the lights flashing. He then saw the dark being turn a corner and begin walking towards them. He looked to Jam Ar, then to the being. He raised his sword and let his warframe put out a blinding light. He lowered his blade to notice the being showed no intent of slowing down, or being stunned. Seriff also noticed Jam Ar's screams were not causing the being any discomfort. He looked back towards the door and noticed the metal bending inwards. It was coming down. He knew he must protect Jam Ar for a few moments more, but based on the distance between the entity and them, he knew they didn't have a few moments to spare. Seriff quickly charged the dark figure, but before his sword could meet the foe, his neck was gripped by the being's incredible strength. He was thrown towards the door and the metal had given way enough for his body to knock down the door.

* * *

He laid there on the ground, weakened and weary. He brought himself to his feet, but he was dizzy, and his vision faded in and out. He saw Jam Ar stand from here sonic barrage, and turned to face the being. It raised a fist and lunged towards her. His fist connected, and launched the low armored warframe through the air into a control panel. Instantly all four escape extraction pods launched, and drifted out into space. The vacuum of space pulled their warframes towards the endless black void, but they held their ground, and faced their foe. The lights hadn't stopped flashing, and the attacker's voice came through.

“Now I end you... Now I enact justice...”

Seriff looked to Jam Ar and spoke.

“Not today.”

He ran to Jam Ar, grabbed her by the waist, and lunged the two into space, using their initial force only, to direct them to one of the still open extraction pods. Seriff faced backwards before the jump, and landed into the extraction pod. He looked at Jam Ar, and held on to her as he began programming the pod for expansion mode, so it could hold them both.

“Thank you.” She said, her back to the ship.

She then grunted in pain, and Seriff quickly spun her around. He noticed three sharp blades in her back, and saw the life leave her body. He let her go, and she started drifting into space. As the panels to the pod began to close, he looked upon the silhouette of the deadly being that had killed three Tenno with ease. Seriff fell unconscious, and the pod drifted though space. He was now alone, scared, and vulnerable.


Chapter 2- Pickup

* * *

“Unidentified pod, identify yourself.” The Captain of a Tenno ship was attempting to contact the seemingly stranded pod. “Is anyone alive in there? Can you hear me? Please respond.”

The message that came back was silence, and the Captain looked to his radar.

“Send out the teams, bring him in.” The Captain looked to his crew.

“Aye Captain.”

The crew moved to the cargo bay. They opened the large door, and jumped out towards the free floating pod. After hooking the metallic cords around the craft, the crew tugged on their own tethers, and the crew still aboard the ship began hauling them in with the pod nearby. They brought the pod to the center of the bay, and as the pressure was slowly brought back into the ship, the pod came to rest softly on the ground. The Captain came to the deck.

“Let's get it open!” The Captain yelled to his crew.

Multiple members came to the control pad and attempted to open the pod, but none succeeded. The pod was designed to resist any attempts of cutting it open, as the crew soon figured out. All attempts to cut through the metal gave no results. No blades could pierce it once it was closed, and no blunt force could even bend the metal. Finally one of the odd members of the crew who was standing back, observing, came to the front. The other crew members felt a slight shock when the Tenno walked by. He walked up to the pod's terminal.

“Let me have a shot at it.” The static man said to the crew.

They quickly took a step back as the man raised his hand. A shot of electric charge was sent through the terminal's circuits, and in an instant, the pod opened.

* * *

The crew looked to the crumpled, weak looking Tenno. As one of the stronger crew members reached for the man, he was meet with a blade to his neck. The crewman slowly lifted his hands into the air.

“Take it easy mate. We're not here to hurt you.” The Tenno crew looked on in shock. Even the man who opened the panel felt the same shock the crew did.

As Seriff rose from his metal tomb, he looked on to the crew.

“Who are you?” Seriff spoke slowly, and swayed side to side. Clearly still weak from his battle.

“We're the Space Raiders. We're a clan on an expedition around Ceres. Who are you?” The Captain looked to the risen Tenno, still cautious on his intent.

“I'm Seriff. You said we were near Ceres?”

Yes. What were you doing in that pod? Why didn't you program it to take you back to the Citadel? Or maybe your clan dojo?”

“I'm a free lance Tenno. I fell unconscious upon entering that pod. Something attacked me and three others while we were on a mission.”

Seriff's mind instantly went back to three gruesome sights burned into his memory. Cronto impaled to the ceiling, Merit's head and body falling to the floor, Jam Ar... Seriff shuttered at the thoughts of the horrendous, black, unstoppable being coming at him. His dark voice still playing in his head.

The Captain looked to him in confusion. “What attacked you? Where are the others?”

“They're dead. They're all dead.”

“What the bloody hell was it?” The Captain was intrigued.

“I... I don't know. It just showed up. It killed all the Grineer on board the ship. Then it showed up. It was like it was invincible to all our powers. Everything we did it just resisted.”

The Captain began laughing. “Well if you and three other Tenno got your asses kicked, maybe you should consider joining a clan mate. I can always use more crew.”

“Thanks,” Seriff stated, “But I should get to the Citadel. Do some research, maybe consult the Lotus... The Lotus...”

Seriff remembered how the Lotus abandoned him, abandoned them. She didn't even stay on the air to hear the cries of the Tenno she was deserting. She, who was supposed to be the leader of the Tenno, who was supposed to guide the Tenno, had abandoned them at the sign of danger. Seriff wouldn't be consulting her ever again.

“Can you get me to the Citadel?”

“Sure thing lad,” the Captain spoke, “Let me get you patched up first.”

“That's not necessary. I'm fine rea-”

Seriff began falling to the ground. The Captain rushed towards him in a wave of water and caught him before he hit the ground. He then carried him to the infirmary. As Seriff lay unconscious, the medical officer studied his wounds. Seriff faded in and out of consciousness and heard a female voice recording her findings on the injured Tenno. “None broke through his armor although much of it was dented and warped. This was a psychological injury, and his sudden loss of consciousness was likely a result of a surge of stress brought on from the memories of his slain comrades.” The voice drifted out, as did Seriff's vision.

* * *

Seriff woke to a white room, with monitors spread throughout, able to detect and monitor any ailments that may occur. He stood to his feet and looked around. He heard a door begin to open and he quickly looked to it. The Captain walked in with another at his side. The female walked over to Seriff and introduced herself.

“I'm Say-Dyn.”


“I hear you got your ! kicked out there.”

The sudden burst of vulgarity was not what Seriff had expected from this gentle looking Tenno. As he looked upon her, he could have sworn he even saw her floating at one point.

“I'm here to examine your mental condition, be sure you're ready to get back into the fight.”

Seriff looked at her, confused with what she was trying to do. He had never heard of a Tenno being proficient in the mind, and certainly not being one to council those who had just went through a traumatic battle.

“I'm not comfortable talking about it.”

She sighed and looked to the Captain. Then put her hand forward towards his head.

“As you wish.”

Seriff began feeling light headed, and dizzy. He found himself speaking of the battle, going over every detail. The slaughtered Grineer on the ship, Cronto checking the cryogenics status, his body impaled on the ceiling. Merit's brave demeanor when facing the creature, and the terror that took over his expression when his armor had failed and his head, severed. Finally he went over Jam-Ar. How he came so close to saving her, and at the last moment, against the cold vacuum of space, the being was able to send three terrible blades into the back of Jam-Ar. He told them how he had let her go, and watched her body drift into space. Seriff fell upon his bed at the end of Say-Dyn's work, and rose back up, in even more of a haze than the first time.

“Is that how you work? Just make me say everything that's on my mind?”

“Not only that, I saw your thoughts visualized everything you saw.”


“What the hell was that?”

“That's what I've been saying, I don't know, the Lotus didn't know.”

* * *

The trio went on for hours discussing the possible identities of the dark entity that easily wiped out three Tenno, and every possibility came to no solid conclusion. The ideas of a Grineer mad man came to mind, another crazed clone frighteningly adept at slaughtering all, even other Grinner, but the idea was ruled out. The monster manifested in a ball of black smoke, and his vocabulary was far too refined to be any Grineer. Possibly another Corpus machine? Their machines were never known to send vocalized warning, always text into their heads up displays. An infested monster? Far too intelligent to be of origin to the parasitic beings. They came to one final, startling conclusion.

“What is it's another Tenno?” Say-Dyn asked.

“Not possible,” The Captain began, “Why would it kill its own, what benefit would that give it. We're hunted for in the system by everything that's not us. We are all we have.”

“We have sympathizers,” Seriff said, “We're rescuing them all the time because they support us.”

The Captain responded, “That's not my point, the point is, another Tenno would gain nothing from killing his kinsmen.”

“What if he had a vendetta. What if another Tenno killed someone he cared about and he was taking revenge on us all for it?” Seriff's suggestion surprised the others. The thought of one of their own killing them was mind boggling.

“That doesn't explain his warframe then. The Lotus has trackers in all our suits, and that was no suit I've ever seen before. The Ash design has an ability slightly similar to the smoke cloud I saw in your memories, but the helmet, and the chasis is all much different, and that ability he used to melt through the one you called Merit's armor is unfathomable. An ability to cancel out abilities, and him being resistant to everything, Jam-Ar's sound waves, the blinding light from your sword, nothing you used worked on him. This looks like a warframe but not one I have ever seen, heard, or dreamed of.”

“That doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard of. My warframe is more recently discovered that the two of yours, and we all know no Tenno can fit into two frames. We're born to one, and if one doesn't exist that we fit to, we wait for one to be discovered that does. Only two warframes have ever been created and they were both made by Alad V to hunt the Tenno. The rest are recreation of the original made directly by the Lotus. She is the only Tenno who knows how to imbue the abilities into the suits. Without her doing, they're just metal frames. So that leads one to think, if no one but the Lotus and Alad V knows how to put these abilities into the suits, Alad V being dead, and this murderous being obviously has abilities, is she behind this?”

The stunning thought of the Lotus helping create something that could murder those she leads seemed impossible at first, but as the trio conversed over the evidence it seemed increasingly clear that this being was not naturally made so strong, and it had to have help from someone with great knowledge. The Captain got on his comm system and spoke to his crew.

“Get your land legs on boys! We're going on shore leave!” The Captain yelled through a microphone to his crew. “We're going to the Citadel for a few days so work hard now and spend all your pay when we get there!”

Chapter 3- The Citadel

* * *

The ship drifted slowly into the ports of the Citadel. The building itself is a massive establishment created by the first alliance of Tenno, known as the Sol Collective. Three clan dojos united into one by a huge platform in the center. The center is covered by a huge dome where the entire building mass is pressurized. Each dojo was remodeled to suit a different purpose.

One was dedicated to general discussion among the solar system. Rooms were spread out with different topics of discussion. Meetings were held around the clock where any Tenno could enter and voice themselves. The second of the buildings was dedicated to the recruitment of other clans. The Sol Collective and the clans that made it had not accepted recruits since the construction of the Citadel, so they didn't mind helping other clans grow. Seminars were held in rooms that would convince fellow Tenno to join their clans. Recruitment posters filled the halls, showing a wide array of emblems and designs. The third, dedicated to trade. Auctions were held for valuable modifications for warframes and weapons alike. Private trade rooms were also organized into the layout. The center was arranged into three floors. The top, a beautiful observatory, a place of meditation for countless Tenno. A beautiful view of the sun in the distance, and the observatory placed so nicely that the star was always in view. Accomplishing their name of the Sol Collective. The floor below it was numerous dueling rooms. Areas when Tenno could compete in nonlethal battles. The bottom floor was a command area. After the establishment of the Citadel, the Lotus immediately moved into to ensure her control and recognition as the leader of Tenno.

* * *

The trio moved off the ship and into the loading area of the Citadel, one placed behind each of the three original dojos. They found themselves behind the trading area, and making their way to the center. They passed up through an elevator and into the center of the trading area. They came out into the observatory and make their way to another elevator. Which took them directly down to the command area, where the Lotus resides. The sight of the sun in the distance is truly an astounding one, seeing the planets in orbit and an asteroid belt in their view.

“A finer sight is rare to come by.” The Captain spoke up.

The ride continued, and soon they reached the floor of the Lotus. To their surprise, the hall to her chambers is empty. Usually Tenno line the halls to seek her advice, or gain her blessing, but today there was no one. The trio marched to her door and found it locked. They pushed a button next to the door that activated an intercom into her chamber. Before they could press the button a voice came over.

Tenno, I apologize but I'm not taking visitors today. Please return at another time.” Her voice was frantic, and she rushed to turn the microphone off. An impatient Captain pushed the button next.

“We've traveled a good long way to talk to you you miserable little bi-”

“What my comrade is trying to say,” Say-Dyn interjected, “Is that we have an urgent matter that requires your immediate attention.”

What is this matter?”

“Remember me?” Seriff spoke next. Immediately the door flies open.

* * *

The group walks in and finds the Lotus behind a large desk. Computer screens litter the room with cameras linked into Tenno helmets and scans of multiple enemy facilities all over the screen. A microphone and camera where she projects her messages sits in front of her.

You! Excalibur, come forward!” Seriff takes a few steps forward and gives a cold stare to the Lotus. “How did you survive? What happened to the others? Why are you here? Speak!” The Lotus' voice was again frantic and had a hint of fear in her tone.

“I'm here to get answers. All the others are dead. I survived by reaching a escape pod before the monster that attacked us could get to me. Now it's my turn to ask some questions. What was that thing that attacked us? Where did it get its powers? Why have we never encountered or registered this thing before? Answer me!” The Tenno yelled with a ferocious tone, and the Lotus jumped at his demands. She took a deep breath and stood before them.

Tenno, I suppose enough of our blood has been shed. I suppose it's time to put this secret before you all... and admit to my sins.” The Lotus's head sank to the ground. As angry as the Seriff was charging in to her command room, his heart now filled with pity as he noticed the emotional turmoil her “sins” had put her through. She looked back up. “Long ago, before the time of the warframes, there was the race of ancient Orokins. With no warriors as great as you, they relied strongly on their ancient guards. Mighty warriors entrusted with the lives of the great Orokin leaders. Below that was the guards known as the Low Guardians. When the first warframes were created, and the first Tenno born, there was a great celebration. All the leaders of the Orokin Empire met in one large hall to celebrate the primitive Excalibur style frames that had been created. The Emperor stood in the center, all the other significant leaders stood in a half circle around them, the mighty warriors that made up the High Guardians stood in a full circle around them, the Low Guardians made a larger circle yet around them, and finally, a large circle of Tenno. As the Emperor gave a great speech on the success of the warframes, a mighty battle broke out. Not by an enemy invasion, but by the great Tenno that were being celebrated.”

The Captain began laughing hysterically. The thought of the Tenno attacking the great Orokin Empire caught him off guard, and the idea to him was more than absurd. His laughter was silenced by a quick glance from the Lotus. She continued with the story.

* * *

As the speech was given, ten drum beats began to beat, symbolizing the suffering was over. On the ninth the Tenno sprung, and started by choking the life from the Low Guardians. All of them, helpless, full of dread, powerless against the Tenno's strength. They were taken out so quickly that no others had noticed until it was too late. The Tenno seized the Low Guardians weapons, consisting of a small rifle, a low caliber pistol, and a one handed sword.”

“The Mk-1 Braton, the Lato, and the Skana?” Say-Dyn asked.

Yes, the three weapons all Tenno have when being awoken from cryo. Even before you have your warframes you have these weapons, signifying that you can take these basic weapons and have victory with them. The Tenno armed themselves with these weapons, and killed everyone. Every Low Guardian, every High Guardian, every one of the significant leaders, and as soon as everyone of them was dead, the Tenno approached the Emperor. The dialogue that occurred at that time is unclear, but it is known that this was not an attempt to overthrow the Empire, rather it was a complete bring down. As the Tenno came closer to the Emperor, his heart was filled with despair, and rightfully so. He was decapitated, and his head tossed into the mass of bodies that now filled the hall.

The Lotus then took her seat, and she looked exhausted, drained by the stress and fear brought on by this horrendous story.

* * *

By a strange twist of fate, one survived the Tenno's massacre. A Low Guardian that lay wounded in the hall. The Emperor's decapitated head landed next to the survivor, and his heart was instantly filled with hate. In a fit of rage, the Low Guardian sprung up as though his wounds did not effect him, and screamed in the hall, “Tenno! Do not think this crime will go unpunished! Do not forget the crimes and sins committed by you on this day! Justice will be served! Your actions have consequences...” With this threat being made, the survivor ran to the body of one of the High Guardians and picked up a once beautiful bow, now covered in blood, and he dipped a case of broad heads into pools of his comrades blood. His mind had left him it seemed. It appeared to the Tenno that he no longer even knew he was there. So they stood by and watched in amusement. Next he walked to the body of one of the high officials, and recovered a group of throwing knives. Finally he walked up to the Emperor's body, and wielded his scythe. A beautiful blade, used purely for ceremony. The Tenno were shocked at what he did next. The Low Guardian grabbed the blade of the scythe, and twisted it into a cruel, wicked curve. The seemingly insane Low Guardian then walked over into a shadow of the room, got down on his knees, and began an awful chant. “Let the shadow take me into it's own. Let the shadow make me it's tool. Let the shadow absorb me into immortality, and serve justice to those who murder and sin.” At this moment the Low Guardian took the bow and blood soaked arrows and aimed into the sky and fired one arrow. He then took three of the small knives and thrust them all into his chest. Then took the evil scythe and cut his wrists. He turned to the Tenno and in a voice that seemed not to be his own, he spoke, “You may forget, but you are not innocent.” The arrow flew down and pierced his skull, and his lifeless body fell to the floor. The lights in the hall flickered, and the Tenno, for the first time in their existence, felt fear.”

* * *

The Lotus looked on to Seriff, Say-Dyn, and the Captain expecting a response but saw only their blank, shocked expression. Say-Dyn felt an injustice towards her warframe, knowing the fact that hers hadn't existed at the time, and this too came for the Captain, whose warframe was only discovered recently, but Seriff's warframe, the original and most prominent at the meeting when the atrocity occurred, was involved in the killing group.

“I know those weapons,” Seriff spoke, “the bow, the knives, the scythe, I saw them all in the attack.”

Each weapon named after the most prominent emotions experienced at the event. I'm sure you can figure out which ones belong where.”

He did. He noticed the emotions through all his comrades and even the fallen Grineer. The look of dread on the face of the decapitated butchers with those red arrows piercing their heads to walls, the despair that filled Cronto when he was pinned to the ceiling with the small blades, and the hate that filled Merit and his foe in their encounter, right before the Rhino fell lifeless.

* * *

“How do you know this?” The Captain spoke up, “All records of the Orokin Empire's fall have been destroyed or lost.”

This is where my sins come into play. Just over a year ago, when I began raising Tenno from cryo, I was visited in this very room, by the very guardian who took his own life in that hall. The lights in my room flickered, and he just appeared right before me as you do now. His body seemed dark, but not a solid color. He was a shadow. I know the story because he showed it to me. Through a mystic power, he took me to that hall at that moment and I saw the horrendous slaughter. After witnessing it all, the being brought me back, and made one demand. That I build him a warframe, with his own unique set of abilities, but also equip with abilities of other warframes. He threatened my life, and promised I would be safe should I help him. So I did.”

Seriff stepped forward, “How do you make a warframe? All have been discovered and recreated by you.”

You forget the Valkyr frame. Forged in the labs of the Zanuka project. Her creation was formed through constant pain, and her rage became her life force. So too was the creation of this frame. Forged through pure hatred for the Tenno. This is also why I have never been able to recreate the frame. No other being has had the pure hatred as he has.”

“What abilities did you give him?” Say-Dyn asked.

I was forced to give him many. Slash Dash of the Excalibur, Shuriken and Teleport of the Ash, Absorb of Nyx. Then one unique to his own, one called Dispel. This power-”

“Cancels out all other warframe abilities or renders them useless...” Seriff cut in.

Exactly. It has no practical use to other Tenno seeing that our enemies do not possess our power.”

“Could we make another frame? One to fight him?”

No. Valkyr was forged from pain and anger, this being was able to forge his through hatred and vengeance. Very strong emotions that were achieved through years of torture, or in this new enemy's case, one ultimate betrayal. We have no one that has an emotion strong enough to forge a new frame and take on this being, but we may not need an entire new frame.”

“What do you mean?” The Captain asked.

There is one being whose nature deals in souls. A rare, reclusive Tenno rarely seen. The Nekros. Dark shamans who exceed in the manipulation of souls and dark powers.”

“The Nekros is as twisted as it gets,” Say-Dyn exclaimed, “The powers used with them is almost worst then the people we fight. We may kill for the good of the system but when a Nekros kills, he gives our enemies something worse than death.” Her voice drifted off. The thought of a soul being held forever by a twisted being, being utilized in any way for any purpose for eternity, as far as the Tenno know.

Much about the Nekros is secret to the Tenno. Their powers, shrouded in mystery. And what happens to the souls of his victim is no exception. Do the souls remain with the corpse of the Nekros, are they sent to another Nekros to continue being used? Or are they finally free? Free to go wherever the souls of the deceased within the system go. No one is sure but if the Lotus is bringing up one of the frames she regrets needing to recreate, there is obviously a very important need for it.

* * *

“Nekros' have a very unique ability, Shadows of the Dead. This ability allows them to summon shadow forms of their fallen foes. This will be key to destroying this monstrosity. One Nekros in particular has slain a few key foes that will help you defeat this foe. Most of his triumphs are shrouded in rumor, but it is fact that the combination of his revenants and you will be enough to overpower this... Stalker. However it will not be easy to find him, and it will be even harder to convince him to fight you. It may require an offering.”

“An offering? What the bloody hell do you mean by that?” The Captain blurted.

The Nekros deals in souls, so you may have to give him a soul to add to his collection. I can't tell you who or what's soul he will ask for, but you may not like the deal. If you want this being dead, you will need to make a deal.”

“We'll deal with that when we get to it,” Seriff raised his head, “until then you just need to tell us where to find him.”

He's hidden, on an infested ship on one of the most hidden parts of the solar system. Getting to him will not be easy.”

“We'll manage. Just send the coordinates to the Captain's ship and we'll be on our way.

I just want you Tenno to know, I respect your courage for taking on this journey.”

“Well someone's gotta show some guts where you've been hiding behind screens for all this time,” the Captain spat this insult towards the Lotus, with no regards for her rank or authority. The Lotus stood still. Sat in her chair and pulled up a camera and immediately started talking a group of Tenno through a mission. The trio turned and walked out of the Lotus' hall and towards their ship. They had a shaman to meet and little time to do it. This being could be killing more Tenno as they speak.

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Like the story, just check some punctuation here and there.


As for the story title, try and give us a bit more of the story to base it around.


PS IS this just a part of the first chapter, or the whole thing? Because this is quite short :P

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Like the story, just check some punctuation here and there.


As for the story title, try and give us a bit more of the story to base it around.


PS IS this just a part of the first chapter, or the whole thing? Because this is quite short :P

This is just a short part. I just wanted to give a little piece at first. I have the whole first chapter done. I just wanted a little feedback before I added more. With that being said, the next piece is added. This next piece I added is rather short, I'm just going to add the pieces between the *     *     * so I don't lose track of what I've added. If you would like to point out some of those punctuation errors, I'd love to fix them.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's good to see this topic still alive, I've caught up with the story, and man, really good job on this! Perhaps there needn't be so many pieces added (maybe taking mroe time between releases?), but that's just my judgement. Don't be disheartened by the lack of replies, people are reading :)

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Glad to say I have added another piece of the story. It's all caught up until Chapter 4. Pardon the lack of indentions but when I copy and paste my story it doesn't put them in there and I do not have the patience to add them all in there. Let me know what you guys think and constructive criticism is appreciated. 

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we all know no Tenno can fit into two frames. We're born to one, and if one doesn't exist that we fit to, we wait for one to be discovered that does.


"Well, perhaps when you occupy this frame, you will use more... caution." -Ordis


The theory that each Tenno only wears one warframe is pretty much completely busted at this point. Evidence even indicates that Tenno are capable of changing their gender at will to use any warframe they want.

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