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I Need Things.



I need a lot of things from the hardcore number cruncher Tenno amongst us.

I need the scaling formulas for enemy health, shield, and armor and how they coincide with modded damage.


I need exact description on how combination elementals affect damage wise on enemies, and how they affect each other.


I need to have full number explosion with warframe, and I know there are far brighter Tenno than me, do you guys have a source, a link, or time to blow my mind into a mathematical nirvana?




Are these scaling formulas correct?

armor = (level-base_level)^1.75 * 0.005 * base_armor + base_armorhealth = (level-base_level)^2 * 0.015 * base_health + base_healthshield = (level-base_level)^2 * 0.0075 * base_shield + base_shield
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Armor is correct


IIRC Health is correct, but I thought shields scaled with the same formula. Not positive.


Damage done is 300/(300+armor). Conversely, effective health is hp*(300+armor)/300.


Elementals are here: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_2.0


Grineer armor-specific modifiers also influence the effective armor for that damage type. For example, corrosive damage against a ferrite armored Grineer will treat that damage as if the Grineer only has 1/4th the armor he actually does (only for that damage tho, not other damage done).

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