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Screen Shake Give Me Motion Sickness


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Hey DE, can we please have an option to disable Screen Shake effects from weapons and abilities?


When its just a single shake for example when using heavy melee weapons, or the Penta or something like that, its ok, i don't feel anything, but when exposed to constant screen shakes for example when using the Stug gets me feeling dizziness and nausea, those screen shakes make me uncomfortable and i can't focus my vision, i feel that sensory mismatch, its a bad feeling sometimes i want to vomit. I can't use the Stug with my Trinity for that infamous self-damage trick because of that.


No game in the world should make the player feel physical pain for playing it, its a cool effect if it doesn't affect you, but players like me that suffer motion sickness from this effect, should have an option to disable don't you agree?

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I'm all for options like this that enhances player comfort.


However, I think the only problem that DE will run into is how weapon recoil is handled. I remember at some point, DE mentioned how weapon recoil is tied to screen shake.


I have no idea how this is coded, but I think a check can be done to prevent sources other than weapon recoil from doing their screen shake somehow.

I dunno...


Hopefully DE will consider to implement it one day.

But weapon recoil screen shake should likely stay.

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