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Cosmic Protectors, We Want You.


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                                                                                Cosmic Protectors

          ~We are Deadly.

                  Cunning and Strong 

          ~We are silent.

                  Swift and agile.

          ~We are Family

                   Ready and willing


                                          Welcome to Cosmic Protectors recruiting thread, we watched you...



              We are a small clan (for now) looking for active players ready to learn and fight along side us. Those that are interested in a good time and a ever growing community come join us, on TeamSpeak3! (Must be a clan member)



~ All of the research rooms ( Grineer, Corpus, Infested, Tenno) with 90% of all recipes unlock 

~ Trading post

~ Observation room

~ Obstacle Course

~ Sparing Room

~ And more to come!


           I am on 6pm-4am and if I'm not send me a message through the fourms I check the inbox daily. 

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