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Being Marked And Being Stalked: The Unbalance


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To start off I've been a member for 1 year now

Do 5 Invasions get a mark G3/Harvester and bosses for Stalker. (right on!)


Some things have accrued to me. i meet G3 or Stalker 3 to 4 time each on a daily basis and under my year i have only met the Harvester 2 times in total.


Been trying to farm him with full marked group and he never shows up BASICLY. when i do random alerts Grineer/Coprus i meet them with a 100% certainty every day at least 3 times a day. But hardly the harvester.

Can also include countless hours of Oxium farm with the mark on. No Show

Do a full marked G3 group you meet them on the get go period.

Been doing alot of full Harvester marked group to farm the Detron for a long while.


Is he really that rare to meet?


Or is the popup % that unbalanced?


I herd he has same % as G3 etc but the weight of counters dosnt fit the bill.


1 year playing 

My counter ratio:

Stalker 100+ times

G3 100+ times (since release)

Harvester 2 times


So whats the Deal with Mr.No Show Harvester


So i would like some feedback from some officials here and see what the future plan in for him. If its going to fixed or stay that way.


140421 - 5 hours more 4 man mark, no show still.

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I've had a G3 mark since the day they came out. I've yet to see them. Harvester on the other hand...lets just say I'm currently working on my 6'th Detron. 


Holy god the irony, the first map I go into after posting this, the G3 spawn.

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Who is the G3?

But seriously, spawn rates are iffy at hell at best. Best chance is with running with 3 others that are marked with the same mark

G3 = Grustrag three


 Not rly, spended all night yesterday with 4 marks and played for hours just doin 5 min runs. no show Third day in a row with marked party and still no. we even did extra invasions just to make sure and still nothing.

Funny is, never been in a G3 farm group but still meet them every day like 3 times and the stalker with random ppl


I heard you should keep siding one faction in order to meet other's faction assasin.

I.e. if you got a message from Salad but siding corpus since then you will have a higher chance to meet G3 rather than harvester.

pretty basic, fight for the oposit to gain hate. been doin that.

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