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Supremacy X Invites U Tenno


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Hello new recruits. I 1st wanna thank you for taking the time to read This. I am NASHUN-15 1st warlord rank14 of the foundying 6member group supremacy X.WE HAVE put n countless hours collecting, leveling warframes, weapons, skins, prime characters&weapons. But most important is Our DOJO&CLAN symbol we wear wit pride. our  dojo has all labs, all unlocked weapons, warframes& cosmetic features. WE use voice chat all the time, we laugh, debate, &Have real fun. No worries we all started off not knowing each other&now we do&we r family. We will share our knowledge on every aspect of the game, u will never b lost. So if u r truly interested n putting n time, effort&FUN plz send me a friend request wit a quick note dat u would like2join supremacy X . Hope2c u soon!

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