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Here's Some Really Enjoyable Pvp Game Modes In Warframe.


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For a bunch of you that want to PvP in the dojo and actually really enjoy it, heres some game modes that me and some of my friends do to truly have a good ole fun time.

1. Sniper Showdown.
- 2 fully un-modded Warframes with only a sniper of any sort, at the beginning of the duel within the countdown your not allowed to move until the timer hits 1.

2. Sword Mashup.
- 2 un-modded Warframes With only a secondary (unmodded) and a Melee (Only a stance mod)

This brings a nice little mind game setup in PvP , will you spray from afar, and break your enemies guard? whilst leaving yourself wide open? Or will you play safe and try melee up close, (your stamina might get worn down from afar if your blocking from afar)


feel free to add your own :D Edited by Jin_Kazama
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Nice post. I'll try these. 


Others I've done and enjoyed:

1. Same weapon for each person. Bows are fun. Can be hard to hit moving target, really about skill. Miter battles are fun too. Kestrel showdown. Can be really devastating when you miss with a Kestrel, because it has a chance to zoom around the room for a while leaving you without a weapon and dodging like mad as the other person attacks.

2. Slam melee attack. 

3. Anything goes (besides warframe abilities). All about quick thinking and outsmarting your opponent. 

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1v1 Skana fight. Strip both players of all mods and powers and have their armor health and shields be the same. Give them a regular unmodded Skana.

Replace the skana with the duel cleavers and promise Tenno Stew after the battle.

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The one and only PvP mode for me is Ogris Duelling.


2 Men, 2 Ogris', one tiny ring with no obstacles.


Your first move decdes your fate. Dont F- it up.

sounds epic.


personally, i really like 2 tenno 2 bows. dread isn't nearly as OP when the opponent actually moves out the way.

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