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Useful Things To Add In The Next Update.


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Now i've got some ideas that the DE should consider or at least look at, when players play defense missions and reach a certain wave where they can extract or stay and continue fighting, they get impatient. I've been talking to people about this and what I think should be put is when a player chooses a side and he's certain he should be a able to press X (PS4) and a checkmark pops up next to their name, now when all players have decided the game would just start faster. Another thing, new dueling room, now i've noticed that I duel allot, with friends and other tenno players. (Not conclave) I think you should add a room where players can Team up. (2v2) but of course the room would but much bigger. (New Warframe) Now allot of people like frames with elements or just frames in general. I think you should add a frame that can bend time. His/her moves could be.

Energy Ball - Cast a ball of energy in order to paralyze it's target (or those surrounding the target as well)

Time Stop - Stops enemies in their tracks for a couple of seconds (depends on range and duration)

Time is flying - Grants all nearby tenno the power to fly (like zephyr) and give them energy and health depending on the power's rank.

Break the wind - Player grabs the air/or creates air and spreads it around the enemies bodies, then the player rips their bodies with it. (Somewhat)

Now I think this frame should be able to fly.

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I feel the Defense Reward choices should Lock 3 seconds before it ends, So we don't get smartasses choosing to leave at the last moment.

Then they would leave at the 3-seconds-to-last moment.

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