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Hydroid: Feedback And Brainstorming From Gp


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After spending 50+ hours just getting a feel for him I've gotta say

I really dig this frame, its fun having control with a hint of damage.


There are however a few changes that could be made to make this frame perfect against 

more than Infested past level 60+

infested are a cakewalk no matter how you cut it, they just get meatier and poisonous in later waves;

unless of course they add projectile shooting infested in the future.


Power Strength mods:

only effect damage of his abilities currently.

No matter how much Power Strength you stack you will not have more than 12 Squid Constructs up at once.


Strength should also increase the number of constructs out for Tentacle Swarm

and increase the number of Air Strikes per second in Tempest Barrage.

This would make Range mods and or builds even more attractive


currently stacking Range is false advertising, 

your defenses are spread thin and only truly useful against mindless infested.


Going into detailed opinions on each of his Abilities/Powers


Tempest Barrage

The CC of this Power is absolutely astonishing.

Spectacular number one ability. I only say this because i use 60% less Range.

no enemy can walk through my Barrage without getting hit.


Buggy when trying to fire the invisible target beam through doors


Tidal Surge

This has to be one of the greatest movement skills in the game aside from...

The Grappling Hook & Nova Portal.


with 148% Duration there isn't a tile set I can't cross in one fowl swoop.

Note: Duration not only increases the range but the speed or momentum as well


It would be better if this power left water in its wake for enemies to slip on

50% chance to trip enemies who stand in it 

increasing the chance when they walk through it

and maybe have the water left behind also be effected by duration



I like it as a defensive but it still needs some serious rework.


#1. Enemies should not be immune to all other damage

I agree with those who say enemies caught in this should be partially exposed to gun down.


#2. I've heard of people getting killed by fire and other things while using this power.


In a Gun fight this ability is not clutch, meaning you cant wait until the last second to use it

you have to always be 3 seconds ahead of your opponent.

i personally have never died using this ability, not even once.


how ever... you are left in bad situations when using this ability against ranged targets

unless you always set up a way out. like popping Tempest Barrage on your exit then rolling for cover.


I also have to agree with people who say there should be some sort of regeneration while in Undertow.

maybe have the speed of the regeneration effected by duration.


I've seen some pretty amazing Hydroids revive, hack, and other things just before using this power.

I wouldn't advise it until you get the timing down, and have good internet (or your the host)


Tentacle Swarm

You either hate it or you love it.

Finally another non room clearing ability.

at least against higher level enemies.


Note: This ability has exposed more gutter minds than I can count lol.

foolishness aside this ability is epic,


It seems to only function properly on 2 ends of the spectrum

A) Almost no Duration with a lot of Strength & Efficiency (spam it like your nova)

B) Almost no Range with max Duration and some Efficiency (Absolute Narrow Area Control)


Kills by this power are considered melee.


The animation of the Squid Constructs need to be changed slightly

The 4 armed monster in Prometheus is a perfect example of how tentacles actually move


They should swirl slightly then snap at a location. Like a Whip.

Not flop back and forth like robots, covering hardly any ground and enemies can run straight past them


I ended up going negative range to increase the chances of catching something after being deployed.

so I could use it ahead of combat, they do about 600 damage when deployed on an enemy initially

and they ignore armor or any form of enemy defenses even shields


when enemies do get caught... "game over man, game over"


If they change the animation I could see my self going for Duration and Range instead of just either or.



All in all a solid frame, easy to use difficult to master in later waves and survivals

especially against grins and corps.

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Wow, great read from someone who seems like they know what they're talking about. I still haven't had the pleasure of trying him out but I'd like for him to be polished by the time I get there. From what I've seen from Hydroid users, his tentacles look wonky as hell and need more work in the aesthetic department.

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I find him to be quite the bit of a cc frame ODD, him plus vauban is just to funny, we just used random moves and messed around for 30 waves before his comp crashed we found vortex pulling enemy's into an undertow and then placing bounces all over the top of it was one of the funnest to do or just bounces and tentacle will also end rather well

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I find him to be quite the bit of a cc frame ODD, him plus vauban is just to funny, we just used random moves and messed around for 30 waves before his comp crashed we found vortex pulling enemy's into an undertow and then placing bounces all over the top of it was one of the funnest to do or just bounces and tentacle will also end rather well

agreed paired with other cc frames you can do some pretty crazy things :)

I ran Hydroid, Vauban, Nyx, Frost and we were almost untouchable. even on Grin and Corp Defenses.


Tentacle swarm is fine. I have maxed efficiency and damage, but with continuity so it still lasts a while, as for the animation they flail about like mindless tentacles which is what I would expect.

it is indeed fine, but it could always be better.

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little thing i noticed about tentacle swarm, range also makes the tentacles sensibly bigger in addition to making the area where they spawn bigger  so if they change the animation to one that makes sense for tentacles (not a fan of the current animation) probably a range build could be useful too.

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Hydroids strongest points are in how long his abilities last though duration its insane his ultimate can last over 30 seconds and will spawn in what ever location you point it at you can point it at a cryo pod far way and boom they spawn right on it. Its not a point blank aoe like people thing. Tide surge is great CC and mobility. and tempest barrage just feels like a second ultimate inho great CC nice duration he is currently the only warframe i use all of his abilities on and bad reviewers like PCG say his dmg suck but his dmg comes from the sheer duration of his skills and how they all synergise so well with each other.

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I was kinda disapointed as a pirate themed frame, he has no looting abilities. Maybe enemies that die in undertow should have a greater chance to drop loot or maybe when tenticles grab them they can squeeze extra loot from them. Also would be nice for teamamtes to be able to fire into the puddle of undertow and all enemies inside take damage from it.

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As a rather recent Hydroid player...and gushing fan, I have a couple comments to make.


Tempest Barrage is practically perfect where it stands, easily the most effective 1 ability for its purpose. Balanced, yet unrelenting.


Tidal Surge is awesome, though I wish it would actually pull the enemies along with you. (This would make it a good ability to yank enemies away from an objective.)


Undertow...oh yeah...it needs the ability for allies to damage the targets inside a la Bullet Attractor sans the damage bonus. (Maybe the damage is divided among all the inhabitants of the puddle.


Tentacle Swarm...I can't say what it needs, other than it needs something. It's a fantastic, albeit wonky looking 4 ability that CCs almost anything in its area, and the ability to place it practically anywhere is a major bonus. HOWEVER while the enemies are CCd in the Tentacles...they move about so randomly that the ability is more of a time-buyer than actual CC.


Also...CAN I HAVE TENTACLE SWARM BE JUST RED!?!? No matter how NOT-PINKish Red I make my energy color, the Tentacles are either completely clear....or pink...

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Undertoe should be used to cause stagger or to get all mod off a cryo pod and  other mobs will try to avoid or go around the under toe this makes them sitting ducks that can be killed by your teammates and the enemy that get trapped inside  will come back up dead or staggered 

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I dislike this frame and all the players I've seen use it in missions have made me redub it TrollFrame. All people seem to do is cast the damn tentacles at enemy spawn points if we're on defense, or on people that are trying to melee.


It's not the Frame, it's the player, sure, I get that. But from the players I've seen use this, it's the same MO, which is cast tentacles on spawn....cast tentacles on other players that are in melee, and then turn into a puddle.


I am not saying that any of you that clearly support this Frame are doing this, I'm sure you all have nice team work going on in your missions. I'm just saying whenever I see a Hydroid join a mission, I quit the mission. After playing with Hydroids in missions since he came out, I see Hydroid as a great solo Frame, and an easily abusable TrollFrame otherwise.


Props to you all who are trying to work with Hydroid in a fun way.

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