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Gaining Higher Health Capacity Against Phorid


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Not sure if this is possible against other high health enemies.

My max health is currently at 990

Equipped life strike, maybe rage had something to do with it.

and I could keep attacking phorid (while channelling)

and increase my health capacity to 1107 ...

This stays with me for the rest of the level. upon taking damage it even returns to 1107 if I am healed.

Edit: Was done solo.
 No physique aura.

Literally my max health on entering the game is 990.
Using life strike against phorid seems to have added to my health cap
Occurred more often with high fire rate weaps, like dual zoren and my beserkered dragon nikana.
Reproduced 4 times with dragon nikana (twice), machete wraith, dual zoren.

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