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Six Feet Under Scrimmages


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Hey everybody, mainly those enjoy Conclave!


My clan is eager to scrimmage other Conclave clans/players who are looking forward to quality play that is both challenging and fair.


We want to play harder players and practice on people who understand Warframes merciless Conclave PvP, to better ourselves and maybe recruit some new members while we're at it! If you have a clan, or a friend and would like to Scrimmage two of SFU's members for pure practice purposes, please post or PM me (Lynches) about setting up a match.


The only rules we want to stand by are:

No Reflection, blocking is okay.

No Reflex Guard

No Penta, Ogris, or Stug

No Blessing or Link (Trinity), No Bastille or Spawn Teslas (Vauban)


-You may also suggest your own rules. Negotiable of course.


We stand by these rules to make a better fighter. Cheap tactics are no way to get better. There is always room for improvement. With that said, being able to rely on strategy over exploitable mechanics is a golden rule for us.


If you are interested in joining Six Feet Under Apply here: http://www.orokintech.com/#!clan/c24vq


Please feel free to submit a Scrimmage request via Comment or PM. Thanks!


(If you do not like, play, or partake in Conclave. Please don't spam your unwanted opinion. Thankyou.)


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