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Valkyr Ultimate Bug


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Ok, i've had this bug happen a few times. Basically, if you cast your ultimate while your going down into bleedout mode, and then you either get raised, or revive yourself, the game glitches where every time after that when you go into your ultimate, you are holding the weapon instead of it being on your back/holsters/wherever the melee goes. To further glitch you, you are punching as slow if not slower than you were when you went into your ultimate while having a primary/secondary equipped.


Another version of this glitch occured today while i was doing an ODD with a clanmate. i went in with just my newly made nikana, and no other weapon equipped. After about 10 waves or so, got downed while casting my ultimate. It takes my energy like usual, when the glitch occurs and you go down w/o the ultimate effect but still the cost, so i'm like ok i should be good since i have nothing but melee equipped. So i get raised by a teammate, and when i get up i can't melee anymore. So i try jump attacks, wall attacks, slide attacks, nothing works. Figure since i can't attack normally anymore i might as well just go into my ult and just fight that way (and think i should be good since i had nothing but melee equipped). Well, turned out to be wrong. Go into my ultimate, and now i'm not only holding the nikana, but i'm also holding my sheath as well (here's an image at the end: ). Also, to add insult to injury, we decide to end it at 20 since i'm glitched, and i figure hey, i should still get the end exp for the sword for the first 10 waves before it glitched. Nope, turns out the end screen says i don't have anything equipped, and only the warframe is in the screen getting exp. Funny since it shows me having it equipped when i finish loading after the mission.


Just thought i'd put up a post to let you know there was a bug/glitch for valkyr when casting her ult at the same time as she is getting knocked down into bleedout mode. (Plus the really slow attacks while glitched aren't really fun.) And as for when you have something else primary or secondary equipped, it also does the same thing where it shows her having it in her hands when she is in ult mode.








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updating this since i've still had part of the bug happen still. basically when i have a primary or secondary equipped and i have to go into my ult because i'm about to be downed or i have to raise someone real quick or they'll die (so not enough time to go into melee stance mode), i move slower and attack slower, like the effect of when your in ice, except it happens when i'm not in ice.

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