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Completed Alert, No Rewards


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This isn't a player-helping-player topic, nor a bug report, nor an alert-topic.


Just a general discussion of something I just noticed in the game.


If you forfeit during an alert ( got downed at extraction and no one revived me, they just stood there ), then your teammates extract, you don't get the credit rewards at least, and the alert vanishes.


Wtf, really? Is that FAIR at all? I get it if you die during an alert you don't get a reward, that's all fine and dandy, but for the alert to just be completely gone so you just can't try again? What if you die halfway through it due to people rushing/not killing things, and have no revives?


Feedback, feedback, feedback, folks. I want opinions on this if possible.

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If you die, you get no credit. I agree it's unfair for when you are right at extraction but couldn't you revive yourself?


No revives. I would've assumed my teammates would be nice enough to walk two steps out of extraction to revive me.


You finished the alert so it vanished. Also, its been in the game forever that if you dont get to extraction you dont receive credits.


This hasn't happened to me before.

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