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~P~ Rhino Dudes Looking For Experienced Players


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We are currently recruiting. We are about 65 and i need 5-10 or more experienced, at least rank 5 6 or more, players. 

You must speak english and enjoy the game a lot to be active.


No waste of time. Apply here: rhinodudes.guildlaunch.com or even faster send me a private message or reply the thread


this is our dojo 




Need players for extended missions Pluto survivals, void defense, fun missions to farm mods.. and future dark sector cooperation. (rail is constructed yet to be deployed.)


Members must be europeans! I request dedication and loyalty. Quality over quantity.


further infos:


We've been rocking since Enemy Territory Quake Wars and we don't plan to stop! 
Join us if you like to platoon & regular clan wars. 
We are in the top 200 ranked clans. 
Have members from all across Europe. 
And have mumble voice servers for both World of Tanks & BF4. 
We also have active clans in WarFrame, BattleField 4 & WarThunder.



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