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Just Throwing My 2 Credits In.


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If the goal of Melee 2.0 was to get players away from the terrible cycle of holding down their 'E' keys for a few seconds at a time and instead substitute it with mashing their 'E' keys to the point where the letter begins to fade, you've succeeded.


I honestly don't see what Melee 2.0 fixed, other than giving the system a facelift and much-needed balancing. In the end, we're all still smashing the same button to swing our steel compensation around. We've also lost a very important dynamic in the melee system that was already in place, delayed attacks.


I, too, among many, would like to see charge attacks revived. But I do enjoy the few meaningful changes made with the advent of melee. There's a place for both methods, but they have to be incorporated properly to maintain balance.


Just throwing out ideas here, these aren't polished but it's just to get the ball rolling.


-Indefinite charge time, let people hold down that 'E' key as long as they please, whilst charging at an enemy a good 30 meters away, just waiting for the opprotune moment to swing. Damage doesn't scale indefinitely, only the delay.


-Only allow one-handed/light weapons to be used depending on if secondary or primary weapons are equipped. The trend is that typical charge-build weapons are the ones that need more muscle behind anyway. If players are going to commit to charge attacks, make them commit to their weapon. Fully equipping them will be necessary for charge attacks, much like channeling is for all weapons.


-Nerf the hell out of them. Make them only a drop in the glass that is Melee 2.0, rather than having most of the content being focused there much like Melee 1.0 suffered from. I'm thinking maybe only a x2 or x2.5 damage modifier here, and considering the windup time, spamming 'E' may very well be more efficient DPS-wise, but it's the option to use it in specific circumstances that matters. Shoot, you could probably incorporate charging into the normal combos with a bit of coding and animation tweaks.


Words words words, complaints, complaints, suggestions, words, etc.


You get where we're going with this.

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But.. we already have delayed attacks..?

Some stances already have something similar to charge attacks (Hold down E to unleash a delayed attack), but a good deal of them don't do extra damage/can't hit anything. I think the current system just needs a good update to the combo varieties, charge attacks being one of them. (Some stances already have it, though the implementation is questionable).

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it 's a mess of a system , and what it added -


- 27 new mods to further dilute the drop tables 

-  the need for every one to equip energy siphon 

- a grind quest for players that have done it all 

- really really crowded slot wise  melee weapons

- people not using their overly forma-ed melee weapons 

- Amphis and the Scoliac  are now the best copters  

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