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[Bug] Cannot Use Melee Attacks With The Amphis


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Loadout: Valkyr, Phage, Marelok, Amphis


Warframe mods worth mentioning: Sure Footed was equipped but Hysteria was not.


This has happened to me twice today during survival runs. I'd play as Valkyr and melee kill the majority of the enemies until my melee command is unresponsive. I cannot quick melee, attack with the Amphis equipped, jump attack or slide attack. When I try to perform anything melee related, Valkyr would twitch instead of performing the melee command.


I'm unsure how this problem occurs but I have not experienced this with any other melee weapons besides the Amphis.


Switching weapons and casting Warcry does not "fix" this issue but I haven't tried casting Hysteria to see the results.


My best speculation is that Sure Footed resisted a shield lancer's knockdown while I'm performing a jump attack but I'm not too certain because there was too much action going on to notice.

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