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Should Heavy Attacks Exists...


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"... Have them using the old Block button in order for us to make use of two different buttons instead of relying on a single Melee button."


Yeah, this suggestion doesn't seem to be new, but I had a thought that Heavy Attacks must return for a good reason, as what said, Heavy Attacks should deliver the real Staggering swings instead of having Normal attacks to deal it.


I'm not asking the old charge Heavy attacks to return, but I want Heavy attacks to exist in Melee 2.0 as a second button move to increase the diversity of making new fighting moves for players to actually hit certain places, such as hitting enemies just about the height of your head (ex. Ospreys). Since it feels kinda stale to just rely on a single set of attacks if your enemies are higher or lower than you.


Just look at the Clashing Forest for Staves makes me feel it lacks something, which is already been spoken in Melee 2.0's released. Make Melee attacks have combos that can swing upward or downward like pressing both the Light and Heavy buttons in order to deliver such, since I just really hate to see my Hit Combo fade away so quickly only because I can't hit a guy who simply lies on the floor after I punched him in the face.


I'm also NOT asking for upvotes, but (for summary) I just wanted to see that Heavy attacks be recreated as increase of damage but with reduced attack speed, while granting more attack moves for players to reach out of enemies if Light and Heavy attacks are used in a sequence.

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