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In Praise Of Clan Ghost Bear


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All taxes are returned to the players via battlepay


You mean returned to a small subset of players.


If people stopped attacking us (and failing at it) then we wouldn't have to tax.


Circular argument here.



Ghost Bear can do 0% tax because they only have one rail.


Why exactly do you work so hard to keep several rails maintained, that you ostensibly do not profit from?


Greed doesn't need to involve credits. Needing to have your banner all over, at the expense of everyone else (except the fraction that milks your battlepay) certainly strikes many as a form of greed.


I give up, I guess every game needs a bad guy and the NPCs weren't enough.


The game didn't need any player bad-guys, but you did volunteer for this role when you chose to crap on the bulk of the player base by locking a third of the Dark Sectors behind a significant tax wall.


3% tax? Meh. I doubt anyone minds.


If it was intentional, I'd mind.


As is, I have no reason not to give them the benefit of the doubt and take it at face value that this was a mistake. I won't play on the rail until the mistake is corrected, but I'll still defend the rail next time it's attacked.

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Actually looking for someone in ghost bear, wanting to know if we can support them with some credits, might help with battle pay and such. should be able to put credits in another clan if they have a treasury, yes?

People who fought against them didn't really pay battle pay anyway.

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If they plan to attack somewhere again, my clan and I will support them in the taking of said rail, especially if it is the retaking of Venus. I was actually devastated to see that they lost and I didn't even know they were in conflict at the time...so the clan and I have talked and agreed (we are a small one) that if they wished to make move back to Romula or anywhere else, we'll help. Thank you Clan Ghost Bear for everything!

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