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The Focus System And Warframe Passives


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Now, as I understand it, the new focus system is said to be a mixture of a skill tree and the way we use forma now. So you collect a focus lens and you can apply it to a weapon or warframe and choose a certain permanent or temporary buff (I hope permanent).


Straight away I can see this as a way to implement Warframe passives. So I propose that you could have two paths in the focus system, one for generic bonuses that all warframes have access to, and another for warframe specific bonuses which could be interpreted as "passives".


Or you could have it like the old Mod system, where you buy generic bonuses until you unlock the option to purchase a "passive" with a focus lense.


In order to make sure that the focus system doesn't suddenly skyrocket everyone to unheard levels of overpowered, I assume that focus lenses will be rarer than rare. That being said, I envisioned there being multiple tiers of passives. The first tier of passives would be minor, like Zephyrs current, quality of life passives that only cost one lens. The second tier would be more exciting, and therefore cost more lenses.


I have thought up some potential passives below if you want some examples. I have attempted to keep them in tone with Zephyrs minor passive, but as with the nature of fan ideas some will be overpowered for which I apologise.


Ideally there would be multiple tiers of passives, but I could only think up two so far.



Tier 1 - Both Shuriken and Bladestorm have the ability to add to the Combo Counter.

Tier 2 - Killing an enemy with melee whilst in smokescreen adds x amount of time to smokescreen duration



Tier 1 - All weapons are silent when used by Banshee

Tier 2 - All Banshee's powers have a % chance to deafen and stun the enemy



Tier 1 - Ember gains x% resistance to all fire damage

Tier 2 - Ember no longer simply burns when procced by fire, the whole frame sets alight giving Ember a damaging aura in a small radius and bonus movement speed. Ember can set herself alight with her powers, rolling puts out the fire. If Ember sets herself alight no damage is taken.



Tier 1 - Excalibur gains melee combo counter twice as fast, each strike counting as two.

Tier 2 - Excalibur gains a "balance" counter. The more Excalibur uses melee, the counter fills up on one side, gaining bonus gun damage. Excalibur can then switch to his gun and utilise this bonus damage, however this causes the bonus to rapidly decay. When completely, using guns will begin to fill the counter on the other side, gaining bonus melee damage. Think of it like weighing scales, only one side can have the bonus at any one time.



Tier 1 - Frost gains x% resistance to all ice damage.

Tier 2 - All of Frost's attacks have a % chance to apply ice proc



Tier 1 - Slides faster and longer than other frames.

Tier 2 - After being effected by one of Hydroids powers, enemies have a chance to slip over



Tier 1 - Gains bonus movement speed after using a power

Tier 2 - Gains bonus damage against enemies not attacking him



Tier 1 - Has the ability for longer wall runs and can cling to walls rather than slide down them

Tier 2 - Enemies effected by Mag's powers are gradually dragged together



Tier 1 - Nekros gains a shadow counter, displaying the number of shadows he can call upon. Nekros gains x bonus shield for each shadow in the counter, the bonus shield is removed when shadows are called upon.

Tier 2 - If not at max health, Nekros' next melee attack or Soul punch gains bonus damage and Life Steal. This effect strengthens the lower Nekros' health, this effect can only occur once every x amount of seconds.



Tier 1 - Melee attacking Nova has a % chance to produce a blast proc to the attacker, knocking them down.

Tier 2 - Damage to Nova's health has % chance to cause Nova to produce an explosion, knocking down and damaging enemies in a small radius.



Tier 1 - After casting a power, Nyx sends out a wave of radiation with 100% proc chance in a small radius.

Tier 2 - Enemies attacking Nyx (melee or ranged) have a % chance to be "chaosed", this effect chance increases the lower Nyx's shield is.



Tier 1 - Passive hp regeneration

Tier 2 - Each power used instantly regenerates x% of Oberons hp. The lower Oberons health, the greater this effect.



Tier 1 - All status effects last 1/2 as long on Rhino

Tier 2 - When Iron Skin drops, Rhino and nearby allies gain x bonus maximum shields



Tier 1 - Saryn gains % resistance to all Toxin damage

Tier 2 - The more enemies effected by one of Saryns powers, the more damage and % chance to proc it has



Tier 1 - Trinity gains the ability to revive friendlies in line of sight (does not have to be standing next to them).

Tier 2 - Trinty gains the ability to instantly revive friendlies (doesn't need to hold revive, just tap).



Tier 1 - The melee Combo counter decays for Valkyr, rather than resetting.

Tier 2 - The higher the melee combo Valkyr achieves, Valkyr gains x% movement speed.



Tier 1 - Vauban can instantly hack any console

Tier 2 - The more of Vaubans traps which are out in his vicinity, the higher Vaubans shield cap and lower the shield delay.



Tier 1 - Volt gains % resistance to all electricity damage

Tier 2 - Damaging an enemy with Volt's powers causes x shield to recharge instantly, can effect multiple enemies.



Tier 1 - Bonus air time, air control and gravity effects Zephyr less.

Tier 2 - The more enemies in the air, the power potent Zephyr becomes. Enemies in the air either by their own accord (hellions/drones) or by Zephyr, increase Zephyrs damage output and power duration


I realise some of the passives are more exciting than others, but it's a challenge attempting to come up with passives that are potentially unique to a frame, yet not completely gamebreakingly overpowered. Also, I left all numbers out for a reason because there is no way I would be able to balance that correctly, but those figures are completely up for discussion and speculation.


Some of the Tier 2 passives are really quite powerful, but this is intended as I had hoped that Tier 2 passives would take multiple lenses to acquire. Therefore you would be spending multiple lenses on one warframe passive, rather than just spending those lenses on the other generic pathway, buffing damage, health, shields and god knows else what. So in a sense you are still making a trade off.


So, do you think passives should be in Warframe? Do you think they could be implemented with the Focus system (in Update 14 we hope)? Do you have any ideas for Warframe passives? Please discuss.


TL:DR I think warframes should have passives, it might be easy to put it in the Focus system, therefore earnt and could potentially be a trade off between raw damage and unique passives. What do you think?


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