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The List Every Tenno Wants To Read


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1) Sentinel camera killing is awesome

2) I'm running out of credits maxing out all these new mods (Invasion missions are useful now, yay!)

3) We love E, E, E, pause E. 

4) Combos are great, but please let us know how we are doing. This is a big one.

So in previous incarnations of Street Fighter there has always been an annoying announcer/sprite on the screen that tells you that you did whatever X combo. Let this whatever X be known in Warframe. I'm not talking about cheesy "Let me tell you all in your face" "I did this combo already" action, but more like the D.E. subtle, text-only, "You-can-only-see-me-in-the-corner-but-that-was-a-30-combo" that is holographic and cool and no one cares if you missed it type of action. 

5) As a five, I just want to say, that every special hit should accumulate to something special. Let's say, "This is your 101th slide/slash kill, here is an orokin cell and or/Vauban Chassis. Or better yet, and please hear me out on this one: "Here is your Stalker 4.0 kill, please take this 1 in a 2950 chance Scythe with you.

Reward players with special moves, combos, or long distance kills. Even extra credits at Mission End time would be awesome".




-Distance Kills. Lotus records longest distance kill. Bonus ensues.


-Unranked Kills. Louts records kills done primarily with unranked weapons or Frames. Bonus ensues and incites players to acquire.

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