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Weird Connection Issues That Make No Sense.


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       A long time ago, I used to play Warframe with no problems whatsoever as far as connection. Though I took a break for a while, and when I came back, I started having these issues, which I've had for months. I cannot join a good bit of my friend's games, there are some that I can connect to just fine, but most I can't at all. If I join a lobby with said people, it'll be fine until they start the game, in which the timer will count down to mission start, and then freeze on a random number. It will then proceed to give me a connection error message and kick me out of the lobby. I can matchmake just fine, get into games that aren't laggy or anything. It's just a lot of my friends I can't play games with them if they host. However, USUALLY, if I host the game with said friends/people I can't connect to if they're host, it's just fine, the mission starts up and everything works as intended, it may be a little laggy, but no one, well most of the time no one gets kicked out from connection problems.


I just don't get it, is it that I have a strict NAT and can only connect to certain players? Or what? It it my Firewall or antivirus (I have Kaspersky) not liking connecting to other players, but having other players connect to me is just fine? Or is It just that my internet is garbage, even though I had no problems in the past? I have no clue but like I said, I've been having this problem for months. Any info or anything at all that would help me solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.





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