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Clan Dojo Research Cost Reduction





As I recently started playing again, after a small pause, I "brushed the dust" off our old clan, having > 10 members remaining. We had 2 barracks built, and I decided to destroy both, because we could really use the resources and also needed the costs for new rooms and research decreased. For the rooms, that worked fine, but the research (both those that where still running and not finished and those that where not even started) costs are still high up, and I'm sure you can see that getting 250+ mutagen mass (if I got the name right) and all those other mats will be really really hard for us, as we are maybe 3-4 people playing really actively atm. (We plan on making the clan grow bigger again, but that's for another time...)


So, my question is, what could I do about that? Would rebuilding the research labs help? That would cancel the current research, I guess, and maybe even reset everything we researched till now? I'm not really sure what to do about that.

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If you upgrade a dojo with barracks and then decide to remove the barracks later it keeps the costs as if you still had the barracks you'd just destroyed. It's a pain but you're probably better off building an entirely new dojo....

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