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How Long Do Invasions Last?




I was wondering what determines when an invasion ends. because all of the invasions usually last a day if not more

so this morning I saw an invasion with an orokin reactor as reward. I think it's great. I 'll do it when I get home later today

but now, maybe 2 hours later. the invasion does no longer appear on my phone

what is going on??????????????

Are we being screwed over YET AGAIN?????????

I needed that reactor :( :(

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It is dependent on how many runs are completed for each side. Most alerts with something like 25,000 Credits vs. 1 Detonite Injector will last a day or more because the sides are fairly balanced in terms of the runs being completed or due to lack of interest and therefore fewer runs being done. For something much more desirable, such as an Orokin Reactor vs. Orokin Catalyst, many more players are going to want those, typically one more than the other.


The potato-rewarded invasion earlier ended fairly fast as many, many players were fighting for the Grineer to get the Orokin Catalyst, so the Grineer ended up winning within a few hours.

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Invasions, just like the dark sector conflicts, can speed up their conclusion if players support one side more than another.

If it was a reactor it probably didn't last more than 30m because everyone jumps to do it as fast as possible.

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yet another fail system from DE then ;(

waiting days, if not weeks, for them to appear and then they disappear just as fast as they appeared....

They just had a reactor on alert a few days ago. And the alert was almost empty as far as mobs go so it was basically free. You can sell 2 moderately good rare mods for enough plat to buy one. They can be given out as daily rewards. They pop up almost once every two weeks SOMEWHERE on the solar map.


If you can't find a way to get a reactor then I seriously question whether you actually need (or deserve) it at all. Not difficult, just might take a little work.

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Unless you work or do a lot of schooling, every player has the chance to get 3 catalyst/reactors per month just from missions alone.  Dev Q&A's happen every 2 weeks (with certain exceptions such as holidays or right after a major update or such) and after each there is always a reactor or catalyst alert.   So that's 2 per month.   Then there is always a least one alert for a reactor or catalyst each month.   I've never seen a month go by without either showing up in an alert.     Sometimes you can see them pop up multiple times as well.   I remember there were 3 catalyst popped up in invasions in the same day and 1 alert and the devs had just had a Q&A that week giving yet another away.  


Lastly, we just got 48 hours alerts for each, a forma, catalyst and reactor the week prior to melee 2.0 (update 13) and I believe there was an additional reactor/catalyst alert a day or two before those events went live as well.   Everyone should have got those.    But like someone above said, selling mods (especially stances and corrupt mods, Prime bp's and auras) can easily get you 20+ platinum to buy a catalyst or reactor.  


Finally $5 is not much money, you can buy some platinum instead of buying that burger combo at your favorite fast food place....that's enough to get you 170 platinum (more if you get the discount from login) to play with and buy some reactors or catalyst.

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