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Honor Of The Lotus 2-Days 75% Platinum Discount Lost After Doing Mastery Challenge


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Hi my name is Kaz and English is my second language ( which I'm not fluent ) and I would like to report a bug/problem.


I would like to say that Warframe is the best game that I've ever played so far this year and I'm enjoying every hour of it, so much that I login every day and play to my heart content. I love how the game is developing so far and overall, the team behind this game did a great job, this game is a masterpiece. 


I'm probably the luckiest Warframe player out there, since I've gotten the "Honor of the Lotus" 75% discount TWICE within a month, something that a lot of other players would kill to get.


On my first discount which is a month ago, I didn't even bother, because to me, this game is perfectly fine and free, I can farm my weapons and Warframe by doing mission so I've decided to not spend my money on Platinum, something I REGRET dearly.


Now, on my second Platinum Discount, which happen to be today, I have decided to support the game, because frankly without Platinum to buy Slot, I can't keep my weapons, and I love that new Hydroid Frame so I have decided to get the new U13 Bundle. So I run to my nearest store to pick up Steam cards ( yes, I'm playing this game through Steam).  However, the store that I went to run out of 50$ steam card so I've gotten 2 30$ instead. So I make my purchase, using my first Steam Card, I bought the U13 Bundle, the Volt Value Bundle, the Sugatra Bundle, some slots, and the Oberon Bundle, and now have 408 Plat to spare, which I'm probably gonna spend on Booster and the new Dragon Nikana ( I'm not gonna farm for it, seriously 2 Forma to craft ? ). Satisfy with my purchase, I have decided to forget about the other 30$ Steam card and play the game, trying out my new Frame and Weapons, Hydroid is a beast !!! and then my problem happened......


After playing for an hour, my Mastery bar ( whatever it's called) filled and I was asked to do a Mastery Challenge, I did that and rank up, and then...... my 2 days discount dissapeared, It was supposed to be 2 days, but for me It was just 3 hour, and nothing show up on Google or the forum, perhap this is a new problem/bug ? Now I'm stuck with a 30$ Steam Card and REALLY wanna get that U12 Bundle and Cosmetic Pack. So could you please take a look at my account and help me with this problem, renewing my discount, maybe for a day, so that I can use my card? Because as I said, it was supposed to be 2 days but after I did the Mastery Challenge and rank up, It's gone and It's only being 3 hours. Please help me please, I've contact Steam and they said it's a problem coming from the game and not Steam so please check my Purchase History and Discount History and verify my story and fix this for me.


Thank you


P/S: If nothing can be done, I guess getting Batman Arkham Origin for 30$ on Steam not a bad deal either.

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If you already made a purchase for plat you cannot reuse the discount.  It is a one time use discount.  Not use it all you want within two day.

Well thank you friend, man, I should have just stack those 30$ card and get myself an 50$ purchase worth of 4300 Plat, well, I guess that what happen when I'm a newbie, Thank for your help, here my kudos. Guess Imma spend my money on that Batman game, any other suggestion on how to use that 30$ steam card? It's not like I'm gonna get another 75% discount tomorrow.

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