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Performance Killing Osprey Bug


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I've had some performance issues lately on the Corpus maps and I've finally managed to find the source. When you kill Ospreys (confirmed for Shield Ospreys atm) they leave behind a faint orange glow particle effect. This effect lasts a good while after they explode but does disappear eventually. It seems to happen very often.. though I'm not sure it appears after every single Osprey explosion, but it's in no way uncommon.. about 80% of Osprey explosions cause this from my observation.


It also kills my FPS... especially when they accumulate after you kill several Ospreys quickly (for example with ulti). At that point simply looking in the direction of the glow can reduce my framerate to single digits.


I seem to have trouble with particle effects in general... please let us turn off the fog? But that's off-topic.


TL;DR: When you kill Ospreys they leave faint orange afterglow which last for a long time, accumulates and kills performance.


PS: I'm kinda surprised there's no topics about this already.. could it perhaps be happening just to me? Though those artifacts are rather easy to miss if you're not looking for them.

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I'm getting this off of Infested Ospreys. I'm running Windows 7 on an Intel Core i5-2500 with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 530.


I took some screenshots with fps showing:




One looking away (normal fps):


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Looks like I'm not the only one with this problem.

My fps is good when I'm away from it, it starts going down if I look at it, and it drops to near single digits when I'm in it.



EDIT: Frames while inside it


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Some more notes on my experience today:

* I got the bug in both Mars - Ares and Mars - Hellas (both were mobile defense missions).

* Sometimes, I would go an entire mission without noticing the bug. If I did notice the bug, it would usually be after starting the first mobile defense console and I would see it at every console afterward.

* Even on missions where the bug would happen, I would sometimes be unable to spot the effect after killing an osprey, especially if the osprey was killed in between defense objectives.

* In each mission, I was killing enemies with either a Phage or Rhino Stomp. Killing ospreys with either seemed to be able to cause the bug.

* I remember this bug happening when I was leveling my Zephyr two days ago, spamming Tornado. This was also on Infested mobile defense on a Corpus Ice Planet map.

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I just ran another MD, this time on Hellas, Mars (last one was on Ares)

Used all of Zephyr's offensive powers, Kraken, Soma, and Orthos on Mutalist Ospreys. Didn't see a single orange aura or notice any performance drop.

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