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Caspase's Emporium

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Note: the shop is still in preparation. More items and prices coming soon.





- Burning Wasp
- Crossing Snakes
- Fracturing Wind
- Reaping Spiral
- Rending Crane
- Sundering Weave
- Swirling Tiger
- Tranquil Cleave
*Striked through items are unavailable for sale for the moment. Any offer will be taken into account anyway.
- Enemy Radar
- Energy Siphon
- Infested Impendance
- Physique
- Pistol Scavenger
- Rejuvenation
- Rifle Amp
- Rifle Scavenger
- Sniper Scavenger
- Speed Holster
- Steel Charge
- Constitution
- Fortitude
- Hammer Shot
- Wildfire
- Accelarated Blast
- Blaze
- Ice Storm
- Stunning Speed
- Focus Energy
- Rending Strike
- Vigor
- Shred
- Lethal Torrent



OTHER USEFULL STUFF you can buy from the Emporium:
- Metal Auger, Ravage, Rifle Ammo Mutation, Seeking Force, Stabilizer, Thunderbolt, Vital Sense
- Charged Chamber, Charged Shell, Chilling Grasp, Crio Rounds, Hellfire, Incendiary Coat, Infected Clip, Point Blank, Serration, Stormbringer, Disruptor, Piercing Hit, Rupture, Sawtooth Clip, Shredder
- Barrel Diffusion, Seeker, Steady Hands, Hornet Strike, Convulsion, Deep Freeze,  Heated Charge, Gunslinger, No Return, Razor Shot, Concussion Rounds
- Energy Channel, Heavy Trauma, Sundering Strike, Power Throw, Fever Strike, Killing Blow, Molten Impact, North Wind, Shocking Touch, Reflex Coil
- Sanctuary, Self Destruct, Spare Parts
- Continuity, Flow, Intensify, Stretch, Equilibrium, Natural Talent
- Ankyros Prime Blade
- Boar Prime Receiver
- Boltor Prime Stock
- Burston Prime Stock
- Dakra Prime Blueprint
- Dakra Prime Handle
- Ember Prime Helmet Blueprint
- Latron Prime Stock
- Paris Prime Lower Limb
- Paris Prime Upper Limb
- Sicarus Prime Barrel
- Sicarus Prime Blueprint
- Wyrm Prime Blueprint
Fusion Cores Rare 5 for sale too
Bookmark Caspase's Emporium to never miss our great deals! Happy browse and shop!
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To celebrate the opening of my shop I'm giving a great discount on Nightmare mods!


For a limited time only you can get:


- Constitution unranked for 1 platinum

- Fortitude unranked for 3p

- Hammer Shot unranked 1p

- Wildfire unranked 1p

- Accelerated Blast unranked 1p

- Blaze unranked 7p

- Ice Storm unranked 1p

- Stunning Speed unranked 1p

- Focus Energy unranked 1p

- Rending Strike unranked 1p

- Vigor unranked for 2p

- Shred unranked for 1p

- Lethal Torrent unranked for 3p




Offer expired

Edited by Caspase
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