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Wtt: Stance Mod For Stance Mod


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WTT : My maxed Tranquil Cleave for your maxed Crimson Dervish (This takes priority,offers below are optional)





Stances-Tranquil Cleave(maxed)      -50p (Traded for Crimson Dervish)

                Flailing Branch                    -20p

               Iron Phoenix                        -20p

               Reaping Spiral                     -15p

               Shattering Storm                 -10p

               Shimmering Blight              -10p

                Swirling Tiger                     -10p

               Sundering Weave               -10p

               Fracturing Wind                  -5p

               Burning Wasp                      -5p


Mods-Natural Talent       -20p

          Narrow Minded    -20p

          Master Thief         -15p

          Overextended     -15p

           Hells Chamber    -15p

          Split Chamber      -15p

          Barrel Diffusion   -15p

          Berserker             -25p

          Whirlwind             -15p


Tethra Doom Mods - Jolt(3 available)                   -50p each

                                    Voltaic Strike(4 available)   -50p each

                                    Shell Shock(2 available)    -50p each


Tethra Doom Set- 1 Set available - 200p each


Thank You =)

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