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Mouse-Related Multi-Monitor Bug


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so, a bit of information for everyone before you start guessing common things:


I have never had this bug before update 13


my graphics card is integrated with my "AMD A6-5400k APU"


My mouse is a cheap-o dynex corded mouse(not given me an issue so, i cant imagine it's the problem, but it's a different mouse that i didn't have in previous warframe versions, so I wanted to make sure)


NOW, An explanation of the bug:


after booting warframe in border-less full-screen 1920x1080 I can play the game just fine... until I tab out (Google something, watch a video on where to find stance mods etc. etc.).  when I tab back in to warframe, my left and right clicking is completely disabled, the cursor moves perfectly fine.  but clicking.. oooh baby it just seems impossible.


if anyone can tell me how to solve this issue i will be grateful 


NOTE:  have not tried using my keyboard after tabbing back in, as I traditionally don't tab out in chat or combat

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