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[Warframe Concept Art] - Blade , A Melee-Focus Warframe (Feedback Wanted)


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Here is BLADE,he is a melee-focus warframe,he can use his powers to get close to enemy in high speed,and destroy them by using his deadly close-range ability,he can also use his power to buff his melee attack,or even protect him from enemy's attacks,making him a deadly warrior in close range.over all,he is the ideal warframe of those players who enjoy the melee system in this game.(specialty after melee 2.0 came out)


here is the concept art,design and painted by me.


(will upload more art in the future,(if this post got a lot of views & comments)include more helmets designs,details and back view.)(if this topic is over 300 views i will release a new concept art of blade )


powers of this frame


1.blade strikeblade release a deadly attack by using his melee weapon,dealing 250%/300%/350%/400% damage of your melee weapon in close range,cost 50(or 25?)energy,also,it will give the enemy you hit a 100%state of you melee weapon(e.g.if your melee weapon got fire damage,this power will set your enemy on fire)



2.samurai charge-blade's speed largely increase(X 3?) for a short duration,also,blade's melee attack speed will increase a little bit,when using that power,that enemy that Blade run by will receive a short stun(1 sec?)this power is mainly used to get close to enemy 


3.[coming soon]


state of this frame

[lets discuss together]


[this post is not finished,i will keep updating]


my page at DA:http://nobody00000000.deviantart.com/

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we already have a melee-focused frame, valkyr. but i like the drawning so +1


And yet we have two Stealth-based Frames: Ash and Loki.


As to OP: two thumbs up for how badass that armor looks. Though considering Warframe's aesthetics, a bit more fiddling with bodily proportions might make it better, like giving him slightly longer legs to give him a more "valiant" feel.

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