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Stance Mods For Very Cheap Price ! :-) (8 Plat Máx!)

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Crossing Snakes (full) - 8 plat (x1)


Iron Phoenix (full) - 8 plat (x1)


Coiling Viper - 5 plat (x1)





Clashing Forest (full) - 3 plat (x1)


Burning Whasp - 2 plat (x1)


Reaper Spiral - 2 plat (x1)


Swirling Tiger (full) - 4 plat (x1)


Shimmering Blight (full) - 4 plat (x1)


Sundering Weave - 1 plat (x2)


Fracturing Wind - 2 plat (x1)



Add me: "Gonssas"

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Hi there, do you still have Crossing Snake and Swirling Tiger?

I want to buy them, but I won't be able to get in game until an hour and half from this post.

Can you hold them for me please?

yes sir, i'll save them for you :) i added you in warframe !

Edited by Gonssas
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