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marelok does an absurd amount of damage, so if you vote on raw damage for best sidearm it would be the best. but weapons like the acrid,brakk, detron have a niche that they can fill better than the marelok. But on the other hand the marelok isn't really bad against any faction since it does a lotta raw damage and you can put different elements in it

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I tend to see a lot of comparisons between Marelok and Brakk when it comes to the most preferred hand Cannon type secondary (Detron seems to be in third)

Marelok does an insane amount of damage per shot with rather high accuracy. One can practically snipe with it.

Brakk does a ridiculous amount of damage as well, and is more of a shot gun pistol. It tends to crowd control better since the pellets spread, but there's damage falloff to consider at longer distances. Don't have to aim as precisely either to hit your target.

Marelok for long range, Brakk for short range and crowd control.

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