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Separate "lockdown" And "reset Alarm" Colors


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Because at the moment they both look the same and after triggering the alarm I always get confused and rush to one to remove the nonexistent lockdown........


To put it simply:


Alarms triggered should have a different color, like blue, whatever, it could use the current lockdown icon.


When you get a lockdown for real, the current icon would show in yellow, unchanged.

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Agree, there needs to be some way to tell the difference.


Not sure if this is relevant, someone told me if you clear the spotted alert in Ceres missions you do not get any Prosecutors.  What you do is let the first guy trigger the spotted alarm and leave it set for the entire mission.


So far in missions I have done, this seems to be the case and thus being able to tell the difference would have an impact.

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Yeah... I know that feeling too... Always end up running to the wrong marker.


But what's really annoying... really REALLY annoying... is that the alarm markers have the same colors as the mission-target-markers... which makes it even more confusing. Some more color differentation would be appreciated.

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"Sir, are you absolutely sure? It does mean changing the bulb"


It'd be nice to be able to tell when things are on lockdown or just alert - Especially doors (Which use the same Orange lights be it an alert, lockdown or even just a survival)


The amount of times I run towards a door, see the lights are orange and then smack straight into it because I wasn't paying attention (Or it wasn't made clear) that a lockdown had occured.


Markers I can tell apart, as there's distinctly different symbols used (Also, I'm getting used to console placements in the particular tile sets) - But it would be nice for the colour of the Lockdown one to differ from the Alert one - Making it distinctly clear that there's an additional hack required to open the doors.

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