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Wts Some Stances And Prime Things

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Here is the list what i sell:


-Prime things:

 Boar prime receiver x2 (4p each)

 Boltor prime stock x5 (4p each)

 Dakra prime handle 4p

 Ember prime helmet bp x4 (5p each)

 Frost prime craft bp 10p

 Frost prime helmet bp 5p

 Frost prime chassis bp x4 (5p each)

 Frost prime systems 5p

 Latron prime bp 4p

 Latron prime barrel 4p

 Latron prime stock 4p

 Reaper handle x3 (4p each)

 Reaper prime bp 5p



  Rending crane 10p

  Flailing branch 12p

  Reaping Spiral x3 (2p each)

  Burning wasp x4 (2p each)

  Fracturing wind x7 (2p each)


Add me or just pm me if im on or post an offer here

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